Sesame Street Episode 4188

Sesame Street Episode 4188
The Cowmonster Pair
Season 40 (2009-2010)

COLD OPEN: What’s the word on the Street?: Pair

SCENES: Elmo and Telly are having breakfast at Hooper’s Store together with Chris. Then, Little Bo Peep arrives with a cow. She says that she traded in her sheep for the cow because cows are harder to lose. So she turns her back but at that moment, the cow strolls away and she can’t see it anymore. Telly says that he has an idea on how to capture the cow and pulls Elmo off-screen.
He and Elmo become the Cowmonster pair! Telly brings Luis in who sings in praise of the pair. The Cowmonster Pair go out of Hooper’s and begin to find the cow.

Sesame Street 4188

Elmo and Telly look for clues to find the cow, but they don’t really know what clues cows give you. So Luis appears again and sings about that they have to find the track that the cow leaves behind so they go search and they actually find some tracks on the ground which they think could be from the cow. So Telly throws his lasso but instead of the cow, he catches a chicken which made the tracks. Bo-peep tries to file a “missing cow report”, but Luis appears again and tells them, that they should look for a bit more round tracks.

They look for tracks around Oscar’s trash can  and they spot round animal tracks which are spreading up around the can. Telly again hurls his lasso into his can and gets pulled in by a raccoon. It turns out, that the raccoon made the paw prints around the can. So Luis sings them another clue, that is: Cow tracks are shaped almost like two half-moons.

Sesame Street Episode 4188

Telly and Elmo spot two moon-shaped track which is leading into Sesame Street and Telly tosses his lasso and gets pulled toward the window. A moose appears, who thinks that he is in the Tundra and Elmo notices that the tracks were made by the moose’s hooves. Telly and Bo Peep want to give up but Elmo says that they still have a chance to find the cow. Luis appears again but this time, he sings about them giving up.

Sesame Street 4188

Elmo says, that with all the clues that they have already found, they can find the cow. Elmo also says that the cow tracks will probably be like the moose’s tracks but a bit smaller. They follow some tracks that lead into the arbor. They come across a cow track that leads to a rope. Telly tugs on it and a cow falls down onto them. Bo Peep thanks the Pair and they head back to Hoopers for breakfast. Luis sings a last Ballad about the Cowmonster Pair.

Celebrities: Sarah Jessica Parker and Elmo explain to the viewers what a pair is.

Muppets: Murray announces Abby’s Flying Fairy School is coming up, but first, he and the kids play “What’s on me that starts with an E?”

Cartoon: Cookie Monster sings about the E sound in the word “elephant”.

Sesame Street 4188

Muppets: Murray and Navin introduce Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

Animation: The students play with puppets but Blogg can’t bring him to work. He tries to turn it into a real boy but ends up becoming a puppet. So he has to undergo the Pinocchio Process. He has to do different challenges so he can return back into a Muppet being. He succeeds all the challenges and becomes a Muppet again. Back in the classroom, he finally can operate his puppet.

Sesame Street Episode 4188

Muppets: Ernie and Bert sing the “Ding-Along Song” with the Dingers.

Salty and Pierre are looking for the number 2.

Muppets: Murray has to go to school so Jordan introduces “Murry has a Little Lamb”

Murray’s lamb gives him clues to the place they’re going to visit. She claps her hooves and Irish music starts playing. They are going to visit Step Dancing School in Ireland.

Sesame Street 4188

Muppets: Elmo’s world is near, so Telly demonstrates near and far.

EMC/ Muppets

Animation: Two clay cavemen play with blocks together. Red then gets hurt and is mad at Brown so he holds a grudge against him. At the end of the episode, they are friends again.

Sesame Street 4188

Muppets: Murray and the kids introduce Elmo’s World

Elmo’s World: Farms

Sesame Street Episode 4188

Muppets: Murray announces the Sponsors. Sesame Street Episode 4188 ends.

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  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter E and by the number 2.