Sesame Street Episode 4200 The Rainbow Show

Sesame Street Episode 4200
The Rainbow Show
Season 40 (2009-2010)

Elmo is excitedly drawing with all the colors when he spots a rainbow in the sky and invites everyone to take a look. Rosita hurries over, eager to see her first rainbow, but sadly, it disappears before she can catch a glimpse. Leela comes across them searching for the rainbow under a table and explains that rainbows can only be seen in the sky. To cheer them up, she draws a rainbow for them, using the acronym "Roy G. Biv" to remember the color names.

Despite appreciating Leela's drawing, Rosita still longs to see a real rainbow. Elmo comes up with the idea of creating a monster rainbow and gathers a monster of every color. They attempt to form a pattern, but end up colliding and falling to the ground in a colorful heap. The monsters regroup and leave, while Rosita continues to wish for a rainbow.

Abby Cadabby overhears Rosita's wish and tries to grant it with her wand. However, her first attempt results in rain gear for Elmo and Rosita. On her second try, she accidentally causes a rainstorm and retreats to consult her mom for advice. Meanwhile, the two monsters seek shelter in Hooper's Store.

Inside the store, Gordon shows Rosita how to create a rainbow using science. He shines a flashlight through a cup of water, separating the white light into different colors, forming a rainbow. As the rainstorm stops, the monsters venture back outside.

To their delight, Elmo spots a real rainbow in the sky. Overwhelmed by its beauty, Rosita and Elmo joyfully sing "I Finally Saw a Rainbow."

Celebrity: Jake Gyllenhaal amusingly removes an octopus from his head, demonstrating his sense of humor.

Cookie Monster sings a catchy tune about the letter "O" sound in the word "octopus," making learning fun.

Abby's Flying Fairy School: In today's Show & Tell, Abby brings the magical apple from Snow White. During snack time, Blogg takes a bite and falls into a deep, enchanted sleep. Gonnigan and Abby brainstorm ways to wake him up and remember the sound of an alarm clock might do the trick. They search Mrs. Sparklenose's filing cabinet and find one, but it fails to wake Blogg. They call Spot, who shows them videos of mouths. Abby tries kissing Blogg, but he remains asleep. Abby checks the Snow White story and discovers they need a prince for the awakening. She turns Gonnigan into a frog, kisses him to transform him into a prince, and Gonnigan kisses Blogg, successfully waking him up. Blogg, noticing the apple, tries to grab it, but his fairy friends stop him just in time.

Celebrity: Adam Sandler creatively composes a "Song About Elmo" using clever rhyming tricks.

Martin P. Robinson, with an English accent, and a girl count 12 flowers by 2s, making counting enjoyable.

Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Ernie and Bert become owners of a farm with struggling crops. Ernie believes that asking the single, small cloud in the sky for rain will help their crops thrive. The cloud agrees and revitalizes their crops. However, the cloud follows them indoors, causing rain inside their home. Bert explains the cloud belongs outside, and the cloud agrees.

Desperate Houseplants: Stinky the Stinkweed and a female plant are in desperate need of sunlight and water until a charming gardener arrives to care for them. The announcer states that Desperate Houseplants can be found on the Bloom Network.

Elmo's World: Water - Elmo explores the fascinating world of water, engaging children in learning about this essential element.