Sesame Street Episode 4176 Elmo steps in for Super Grover

Sesame Street Episode 4176
Elmo steps in for Super Grover
Season 39 (2008)

In Episode 4176 of Sesame Street, Chris welcomes the viewers and meets Elmo, who is struggling to retrieve his toy airplane stuck in a tree. As they contemplate using a ladder, Super Chicken and his assistant, Robin, appear on the scene. Before they can devise a plan, Super Grover crash lands to save the day. Elmo counts the superheroes present to help him save his airplane. Super Grover insists that Elmo doesn't need "super poultry" and attempts to jump up and reach the airplane. However, Robin flies into the tree and retrieves it for Elmo. The super duo then leaves.

Super Grover comments on the ease of having a super sidekick and wishes for one when Horatio the Elephant appears in a superhero outfit, ready to help. They hear moaning in the distance and rush to help, but Horatio goes the wrong way, with Super Grover following.

Horatio gets stuck in the doorway of Hooper's Store. Super Grover tries using his "super strength" to help, but it doesn't work. Chris aids him in pulling, while Elmo goes off to help the people in trouble. Baby Bear and his choir group need four animals for their quartet, but they only have three. Elmo points out that Baby Bear is an animal too, completing the quartet. Meanwhile, Chris and Super Grover manage to pull Horatio out with the help of a Honker.

The group then goes to help near Oscar's trash can, where Baby Bear tells them about the quartet problem. Grover quickly counts them off and takes credit for solving the issue. When three kids get their basketball stuck on a hoop, Horatio rushes to help, with Grover close behind.

Elmo approaches the kids and tries to figure out how to get their ball down. In the meantime, Horatio gets stuck in the Laundromat entranceway. Leela, Super Grover, and two monsters try to pull him out but can't. Leela suggests using soap and water, as long as it's hypoallergenic. Elmo comes up with the idea of using himself as a ball to knock the basketball down, and with Chris's help, he succeeds.

Horatio gets unstuck, and they rush to the scene. He "solves" the problem by getting the ball "unstuck" from the boy's hands. Horatio then decides to return to his old job at the ballet company, leaving Grover in need of a new sidekick. Chris and Elmo decline the offer, and Super Grover decides to work solo. Elmo resumes playing with his toy airplane, which gets stuck in the tree again, but this time, Chris retrieves a ladder to help.

In a fun Cartoon segment, viewers are encouraged to hop, shake their heads, and sway like an elephant, bringing energy and movement to the episode.

Celebrity guest Patrick Warburton makes an appearance, humorously dealing with a chicken stuck in his shirt.

An Animation segment features clay cavemen trying to figure out what's behind a door, exploring different ways to uncover the mystery.

At the Laundromat, Leela asks Horatio to help her showcase the letter of the day. However, Horatio gets stuck in the entranceway again, leading to a comical situation.

In a catchy Animation, the "You Got an M Song" plays, celebrating the letter M.

The Muppets star in "Law and Order: Special Letters Unit," where the detectives of the Special Letters Unit search for a missing letter M.

A Cartoon segment showcases a lizard, a girl, and a dog dancing together, created by artist Karen Aqua.

In the "Murray Has a Little Lamb" segment, Murray’s lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela with the clues of medias (socks), un gorro (a hat), and patines de hielo (ice skates). The school turns out to be Ice Skating School, where Murray learns the basics of skating.

A Film segment features Dr. Nancy Einstein learning about ice cubes, with new music added.

In another Film segment, a man break-dances around the number 0, disappearing to demonstrate "zero dancer."

A Cartoon segment features a number zero feeling sad about his worth until his coach cheers him up, created by ArtistMike.

The Muppets return with Abby Cadabby singing "Kids With Wings."

In another Film segment, Kenya and Cherie are friends, even when they disagree about how they do their hair.

A Cartoon segment features Super Wendy taking her meal home from a restaurant in a to-go box, solving other problems along the way. The segment is created by artist Laura di Trapani.

Finally, the Muppets star in "Elmo's World: Noses," a fun and educational segment that teaches children about noses.