Sesame Street Episode 5020 Neighborhood Safari

Neighborhood Safari

Elmo welcomes the viewer when Grover arrives in his ATV, inviting everyone to join his "Wild Animals of Sesame Street" safari tour. Mr. Johnson, intrigued by the prospect of seeing a real-life warthog, joins the adventure with Elmo. They all sing a safari tune as they drive to their first stop.

Their first stop is Hooper's Store to see some monkeys, but Mr. Johnson points out there are none around. Grover explains they need to put on monkey outfits and pretend to be monkeys to attract their attention. Reluctant at first, Mr. Johnson eventually joins Elmo and Grover in their monkey costumes, which successfully attracts a real monkey (John Kennedy) to the store. The monkey takes a selfie with Mr. Johnson and joins the safari tour to see elephants.

The group heads to the garden, where Elmo and Grover put on elephant ears and trunks, pretending to be elephants. The monkey joins in, and soon, Horatio the Elephant appears to play with his fellow elephants. Grover announces one more stop on the tour, which Mr. Johnson hopes will be the warthogs.

The tour arrives outside 123 Sesame Street, where Grover admits there may not be any warthogs after all. Mr. Johnson decides to demonstrate how warthogs act, finally understanding how to pretend. Surprisingly, a real warthog appears and mistakes Mr. Johnson for one of her kind, leading him away to meet her family. Rosita signs off while playing with her elephant doll.

Big Bird's Road Trip: Big Bird and Elmo watch a video from Anna and Olivia in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Elmo and friends sing and clap as they find out the letter of the day - E.

Cookie Monster sings about the E sound in the word "elephant."

Abby's Amazing Adventures: Basket transports Abby and Rudy to an African plain. They pretend to be veterinarians and give a baby elephant a check-up.

Elmo and Abby become astronauts and sing about finding the number of the day by counting Martians. Today, there are 11.

Elmo's World: Elephants

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