Sesame Street Episode 5019 Comic Book Adventures

Comic Book Adventures

Chris discovers a box of his old comic books in the basement and brings it to Hooper's Store. He shares some of his favorites with Elmo and Abby, including an issue of "Karate Gecko's in Space." He reads them a story from one of the comics, complete with character voices and explaining the elements of a comic book. Telly Monster rushes in, asking if Chris has any comics about triangles. He leaves with a stack of "Triangle Squad" comics, and Abby requests a comic book about the Furry Tornado. Chris doesn't have any issues of that in his collection but suggests that Abby create her own Furry Tornado comic. Elmo is inspired to make his comic too.

Later, Chris checks on Abby and Elmo's progress. Abby has completed her comic, titled "Follow That Backpack," where the Furry Tornado helps a young boy retrieve his backpack from a goose. Elmo is close to finishing his comic but makes a mistake in his drawing. Worried that it's ruined, Chris encourages Elmo to take a calming breath and consider turning the mistake into something new. Elmo decides to turn his drawing into an elephant, and he rewrites the story so that the superheroes rescue an elephant from a tree. Telly overhears and rushes over to read Elmo's comic. As Abby and Elmo sign off, Super Grover appears, ready to save an elephant stuck in a tree. Upon learning it's just a drawing, he relaxes and stays to read Elmo's comic book.

Big Bird's Road Trip: Big Bird and Elmo watch a video message from Charlie in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Elmo and friends sing and clap as they find out the letter of the day - C.

Abby's Amazing Adventures: Basket keeps Abby and Rudy in the bedroom and provides them materials to create their own cartoon. The duo illustrates a story about their visit to an alien planet.

Elmo and Abby pose as astronauts and sing about finding the number of the day by counting Martians. Today, there are 0.

Elmo the Musical: Superhero the Musical