Sesame Street Episode 5009 Humpty Dumpty's Football Dream

Humpty Dumpty's Football Dream

Chris greets the viewer as Telly rushes over to him, visibly worried. Telly tells Chris that Humpty Dumpty is sitting on the wall, and he's certain that Humpty will fall and break. They head to the yard to speak with him. Humpty (voiced by Jerry Nelson) assures Telly that he isn't performing his nursery rhyme today; instead, he's watching the annual football game between All the King's Horses and All the King's Men. Telly joins him on the wall, while Chris goes back to work. Humpty's egg timer rings, signaling the start of the game. The teams arrive on the field, but the horses realize they're short one player. The third horse, Nigel, arrives but can't play. Just as they're about to cancel the game, Humpty volunteers to take Nigel's place. Telly fears for Humpty's safety, but Humpty is confident he won't break, thanks to his helmet and pads.

The game begins, and the horse throws the ball to Humpty. The impact knocks him over, and he shatters. Undeterred, Humpty plans to continue playing once he's fixed. A number graphic appears as they count the King's Horses and King's Men. Telly considers how to protect Humpty and believes a cushion would be more effective. Once Humpty is repaired, he resumes playing. The cushion prevents the ball from knocking him down, but when he charges the opposing team, he falls and cracks again. Telly realizes his cushion idea didn't work and considers something bouncier. Spotting the sponge in Chris' pocket, Telly takes inspiration from its bouncy material. Telly gathers sponges from Hooper's stock and covers Humpty with them. When the game resumes, Humpty can bounce off the ground when knocked over, but the team's tackle breaks him once more. Chris explains that eggs are fragile and demonstrates how easily real eggs break, emphasizing the importance of egg cartons. Telly gets an idea and leaves with the carton.

Telly creates armor for Humpty using egg cartons, and the outfit proves effective as Humpty scores a touchdown. Telly signs off while reading a book of nursery rhymes, witnessing the dish and spoon from "Hey Diddle Diddle" running away together.

Big Bird's Road Trip: Big Bird talks with Noah about life in Seattle, Washington.

Elmo and friends sing and clap as they learn the letter of the day - N.

Humpty Dumpty presents the letter N, representing nursery rhyme, and acts out his own.

Celebrity: Thomas Rhett performs "This Is My Street" alongside the diverse residents of Sesame Street.

Elmo, Rosita, and Big Bird sing "The Monster on the Street."

Elmo and Abby, dressed as astronauts, sing about discovering the number of the day by counting Martians. Today, there are 5.

Abby performs "Five Fairy Ducks" with Elmo and Rosita.

Elmo's World: Nursery Rhymes

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