Sesame Street Episode 5010 Abby Poofs a Party

Abby Poofs a Party

As twilight falls, Leela greets the viewer while closing the laundromat, as she and Chris plan to attend a party tonight. Abby overhears the word "party" and materializes to assist Leela in getting ready. Despite the party not being a grand ball like Cinderella's, Abby is determined to make Leela look stunning. Abby comes up with a rhyme for "clothes" and sings a "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo"-inspired spell to transform Leela's outfit, but instead of a ball gown, Leela ends up dressed as a pirate. Abby waves her wand differently, resulting in a football uniform. Abby is disheartened that her trick isn't working, but Leela encourages her to keep trying and be more specific with her rhyme. With a more precise spell, Leela now wears an elegant ball gown. Abby believes Leela looks fantastic, but her hairstyle isn't "party hair." Abby sings another spell, giving Leela a Bride of Frankenstein hairstyle. Leela reminds Abby to be clear with her intentions. Abby tries the spell once more and gives Leela a perfect hairstyle to match her dress. Chris arrives to pick up Leela and finds her slightly overdressed. Chris suggests they leave, but Abby thinks they need transportation. Although Chris mentions the party is only a few blocks away, Leela's glass slippers prevent her from walking comfortably. Abby attempts a transportation spell, but her poor aim turns Chris into a horse. Chris demands to be transformed back, and once he is, Abby tries the spell again, providing a model airplane. They tell her it's too small, and Abby's idea of shrinking them isn't suitable. Instead, Abby tries her spell once more, conjuring a lovely coach. Chris, wanting to match Leela and the coach, asks to be dressed like Prince Charming. Abby tries the clothing spell on him, resulting in the pirate outfit. Abby tries to fix it, but Chris actually prefers the outfit. As the couple rides off to the party, Abby reminds them to return before midnight, concluding, "I love to help!" Abby hasn't dressed up yet, so she turns herself into a cowgirl.

Big Bird's Road Trip: Big Bird reaches Los Angeles, California, and meets up with Cousin Bird. They chat with a local boy named Kio.

Elmo and friends sing and clap as they discover the letter of the day - D.

Smart Cookies: Long Arm of the Bear Claw - Mona Morsel enlists the Smart Cookies to prevent the Crumb from crashing her "Dress Up Like a Cookie" party. Naturally, the Crumb slips past Cookie's watch and unleashes his enormous Bear Claw, which snatches everyone's outfits. Cookie Monster attempts to stop it but fails. Miss Fortune's clue suggests the Smart Cookies team is the solution, so Cookie throws his teammates into action, which also fails. He finally understands they need to collaborate, and they successfully dismantle the Bear Claw. The team then prepares to chase the Crumb but must first stop Cookie from eating people's outfits.

Elmo and Abby pose as astronauts and sing about finding the number of the day by counting Martians. Today, there are 17.

Elmo the Musical: Superhero the Musical

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