Sesame Street Episode 4820 Elmo's Butterfly Friend

Sesame Street Episode 4820
Elmo's Butterfly Friend
Season 48

Sesame Street Episode 4820 appears in the 48th season. The name of the Episode is Elmo's Butterfly Friend. The air date of the episode is March 31, 2018. The number of the Episode is 11 and the letter is B.

Today, Telly and Elmo are on a mission to find fascinating insects around Sesame Street. They stumble upon a pair of busy ants and learn from Telly's book, Fascinating Facts About Insects, that ants never sleep. Next, they observe two ladybugs and discover that these critters smell with their feet.

Soon, they spot a lone butterfly, fluttering with no companion. Elmo decides to befriend the butterfly by mimicking its flapping wings, but to no avail. They determine that Elmo needs to emulate a butterfly more closely. With the help of Telly's book, Elmo dons costumes that represent the life stages of a butterfly. When Elmo emerges as a butterfly from his pretend chrysalis, the real butterfly finally acknowledges him. They playfully flutter around the street, with Elmo singing a song for his new "Little Butterfly Friend."

Eventually, Telly notices the butterfly looking tired, and they head to Hooper's Store for some refreshments. Here, the butterfly playfully greets Chris by landing on his head. While Elmo draws a picture of his new friend, Telly identifies it as a Monarch butterfly. Suddenly, more butterflies start to gather, ready for migration. Elmo hopes his new friend will stay, but it too flutters off with the group. However, it quickly returns for a sweet goodbye, leaving Elmo with a precious drawing to remember it by. As the butterfly departs, Telly and Elmo delve back into the insect book, eager to learn more.

Next, Elmo and friends entertain with a lively song and dance for the letter of the day, B.

In the segment, "Murray Has a Little Lamb," Murray's lamb presents him with a flower as a clue. It leads them to a gardening school, where Murray learns about plant care and growth.

As Cookie Monster and friends sing in anticipation, they reveal the number of the day, which corresponds to the number of cookies being baked—11.

Elmo's World butterflies.