Sesame Street Episode 4821 Shape Hunt

Sesame Street Episode 4821
Shape Hunt
Season 48

Sesame Street Episode 4821 appears in the 48th season. The name of the Episode is Shape Hunt. The air date of the episode is April 9, 2018. The number of the Episode is 6 and the letter is S.

Shape Hunt

Today, Chris, Alan, Cookie Monster, Abby, Grover, and Julia embark on a "Shape Hunt," dividing into teams to locate various shapes from their lists. Chris' team starts at the Bike Shop, searching for squares. Cookie Monster gets distracted by a circular wheel, his favorite shape. Abby, however, spots square shapes on the shop's front door. Meanwhile, Cookie Monster sneakily munches on the wheel.

On the other side, Alan's team hunts for circles. Julia mistakenly identifies an octagon-shaped stop sign as a circle, but she's actually pointing out the circular elements in the sign post.

Chris' team moves on to the Community Center, in pursuit of rectangles, which they find in windows, books, and their own list paper. Cookie Monster, being himself, eats a nearby alarm clock unnoticed.

In Hooper's Store, Alan's team is on a quest for triangles. While Grover struggles to find one, Julia spots triangles within the pattern of Alan's dishrag.

The final shapes—rhombus for Chris' team and pentagon for Alan's—prove to be a challenge. Eventually, Julia points to the pentagonal bolt on a fire hydrant, securing the victory for Alan's team! She also spots a rhombus hidden in a door for the other team. Inspired by Julia's talent, they all start to find more shapes around the garden.

Abby Cadabby then leads a song about the letter of the day - S.

In the segment of Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck, a young boy orders a flat, circular breakfast dish—his favorite shape. Cookie Monster and Gonger plan to make pancakes, but run out of maple syrup. They then journey to a farm to learn how tree sap is transformed into syrup.

Anticipating the number of the day, Cookie Monster and his friends sing while waiting for cookies to bake—the number of the day is 6.

Finally, Elmo's World explores the theme of shapes.

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