Sesame Street Episode 4802 Rosita's Sneaky Sneakers

Sesame Street Episode 4802
Rosita's Sneaky Sneakers
Season 48

Sesame Street Episode 4802 appears in the 48th season. The name of the Episode is Rosita's Sneaky Sneakers. The air date of the episode is November 25, 2017. The number of the Episode is 17 and the letter is S.

Sesame Street Episode 4802 Rosita's Sneaky Sneakers

Sesame Street Episode 4802 Rosita's Sneaky Sneakers

Rosita excitedly tells the viewer about the grand opening of a new shoe store on Sesame Street, owned by none other than Cinderella herself. She proudly displays her favorite pair of sneakers, a perfect blend of comfort and style for the big event. In the midst of her anticipation, a frantic duke rushes in, desperately searching for a young, beautiful woman. Upon finding a glass slipper and then Cinderella herself hiding nearby, he insists she prepare for the store opening. However, Cinderella confesses she no longer desires to be a princess, yearning for more fun and less foot pain from her fancy shoes.

Seizing a moment of distraction, Cinderella flees and encounters Rosita outside the shoe store. Seeking Rosita's aid to evade the duke, Cinderella introduces herself as "Cindy." The two attempt to play hopscotch, but Cindy's glass slippers cause her to slip. The same issue arises when she tries to ride a bike. Seeing this, Rosita demonstrates the versatility of her favorite sneakers, sparking a nostalgic memory in Cindy of having similar shoes in her pre-princess life. The two bond over a shared appreciation for comfortable footwear in a song, "My Favorite Sneakers."

Abby Cadabby joins the gathering outside the shoe store, and the Duke, recognizing her as a royal family acquaintance, anxiously inquires about Cinderella. Just as he worries that she has indeed given up her princess role, Cinderella herself appears. Surprised, Rosita learns of Cindy's true identity. The arrival of postman Grover with several shoeboxes interrupts the reveal. Abby magics Cinderella into a new pair of sneakers, similar to Rosita's. Cinderella discloses that she has ordered enough pairs for her store, inviting Rosita to assist in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Afterwards, the two friends dash off for another game of hopscotch.

Abby Cadabby leads a musical number to introduce the letter of the day, S.

In "Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck," a young girl orders cranberry muffins for breakfast. However, Cookie Monster has already devoured the batch. Without any cranberries left, the monsters journey to a cranberry bog to gather the necessary ingredient. They return and bake the muffins just in time for breakfast.

As they await the number of the day, Cookie Monster and friends sing. The number signifies the quantity of cookies being baked for him, and today it's 17.

Finally, Mr. Shoe, a beat poet, performs a captivating poem about shoes, accompanied by footage of children having fun with their footwear.

Elmo's World: Shoes

Kindness Cam: Elmo replays Rosita and Cinderella's hopscotch game.

Sesame Street Episode 4802. Kindness Cam

S is for Shoes

Sesame Street Episode 4802. S is for Shoes

Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck: A girl orders cranberry muffins from Cookie Monster and Gonger.

Sesame Street Episode 4802. Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck. A girl orders cranberry muffins from Cookie Monster and Gonger.

The number of the day: 17

Sesame Street Episode 4802. The number of the day 17

Mr. Shoe

Sesame Street Episode 4802. Mr. Shoe

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