Sesame Street Episode 4801 A Sesame Street Thanksgiving

Sesame Street Episode 4801
A Sesame Street Thanksgiving
Season 48

Sesame Street Episode 4801 A Sesame Street Thanksgiving

Sesame Street Episode 4801 A Sesame Street Thanksgiving

Sesame Street Episode 4801 appears in the 48th season. The name of the Episode is A Sesame Street Thanksgiving. The air date of the episode is November 18, 2017. The letter of the Episode is T. Leon Bridges visits Sesame Street.

Overseeing the preparations for Sesame Street's Thanksgiving feast, Nina watches as Grover handles the dishware, Julia arranges the napkins, and Abby summons beautiful flowers with a wave of her wand. The essence of the holiday is confirmed by Cookie Monster, who rushes off in pursuit of his beloved cookies, expressing his gratitude for them.

Meanwhile, Prairie Dawn is conducting rehearsals for a Thanksgiving-themed song, featuring the children as pilgrims, with Bert, Ernie, and Elmo in the lead. Rosita, tasked with providing guitar accompaniment, joins late, having been assisting her abuela in cooking for the feast. As the song extols the traditional Thanksgiving fare, Rosita suggests including some additional foods that she typically enjoys on this holiday. Prairie insists that the song is already complete with the typical dishes she is accustomed to, unable to envision anything else.

Arriving with a basket of food, Rosita's abuela is met with curiosity about the intriguing aroma emanating from the basket, leading a flustered Rosita to hide the basket. Attempting to conceal the basket in Hooper's Store proves futile, as Alan quickly discerns that it contains her abuela's cooking.

As the decorations continue, with Abby conjuring a centerpiece for Zoe to place on the table, Rosita inquires if Abby could magically alter her family's food. Before Abby can respond, Rosita hears her abuela and flees the scene.

Finding herself at Big Bird's nest, Rosita is puzzled by Big Bird's Granny Bird's traditional birdseed cake – a dish devoid of turkey or sweet potato, unlike the foods in Prairie's song. Big Bird reassures her, highlighting the uniqueness of each family's traditions, and encourages her to share her food, believing their friends would appreciate it.

As everyone assembles for the grand feast, Nina and Alan present dishes representing their respective cultural backgrounds, reminding everyone that part of the Thanksgiving tradition is experiencing new foods, just like the pilgrims did. This sentiment is echoed by Big Bird, who declares it a new Sesame Street tradition. Encouraged, Prairie tastes some of the new dishes and finds herself enjoying them. She revises her song to incorporate everyone's dishes and performs it alongside Rosita before they all tuck into the feast.

Abby Cadabby rallies the gang in a spirited song to introduce the letter of the day - T.

Celebrity guest Leon Bridges serenades the Sesame Street residents with "The Thanksgiving Song."

In the episode of "Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck," a young boy requests an apple pie for his family's Thanksgiving celebration. Finding themselves with just one apple, Cookie Monster and Gonger embark on a journey to an apple orchard to learn about the process of growing, picking, and transporting apples. Upon baking and delivering the pie, Gonger reserves a slice of apple for Cookie Monster.

Elmo's World: Thanksgiving

Kindness Cam: Elmo replays Rosita and Big Bird's talk.

Sesame Street Episode 4801. Kindness Cam

Celebrity: The Thanksgiving Song is performed by Leon Bridges et al.

Sesame Street Episode 4801. The Thanksgiving Song is performed by Leon Bridges et al.

Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck: A boy orders pies for Thanksgiving dinner from Cookie Monster and Gonger.

Sesame Street Episode 4801. Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck

Elmo's World Thanksgiving

Sesame Street Episode 4801. Elmo's World Thanksgiving

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