Sesame Street Episode 4702 The Kindness Kid

Sesame Street Episode 4702
The Kindness Kid
Season 47

While Nina is engrossed in reading to Elmo and Grover, an enthusiastic man whizzes past them, exclaiming, "Kindness to the rescue!" They watch as he prevents Rosita's ball from rolling onto the street, introducing himself as the Kindness Kid (Zachary Levi). He shares his mission of spreading kindness far and wide, inspiring Elmo and Grover to join in on his benevolent quest.

Their first act of kindness presents itself when Mrs. Crustworthy struggles with her hefty grocery bags. Eager to help, Elmo and Nina offer to carry them to her house, located a substantial 30 blocks away. As they depart, Grover embarks on his quest to find someone in need of a kind gesture.

Grover encounters a boy wishing to draw with a girl. By the time Grover returns with art supplies from Artie's Art Emporium, the girl has already kindly shared her paper and crayons with the boy. Undeterred, Grover spots a little girl whose cat, Mr. Whiskers, is stuck in a tree. Despite Grover's well-intentioned attempt at a "Hawaiian Cat Dance," Mr. Whiskers remains unmoved. The Kindness Kid arrives just in time, luring Mr. Whiskers down with a can of tuna, much to the girl's relief.

Grover's next act of kindness takes him to Big Bird's nest, where Big Bird is preparing for a nap. Grover promises to keep the area quiet, ironically using a loud megaphone to do so. The Kindness Kid steps in once more, guiding Grover in serenading Big Bird to sleep with a lute.

At Hooper's Store, Grover offers to refill the gumball machine for Chris, who is busy in the kitchen. The Kindness Kid pops by, but Grover assures him that he has everything under control. However, an accidental spillage of gumballs leads to a comical scene of slipping and sliding, culminating in Grover taking a flying pie to the face.

Grover feels disheartened, believing all his attempts at kindness have been disastrous. Yet, the Kindness Kid reassures him that the intention to help is an act of kindness itself, declaring Grover a kindness kid. Elated, Grover decides to help clean up the store, but not before cleaning off the pie cream.

Abby Cadabby engages the gang in a lively song to introduce the letter of the day - K.

Celebrity guest Tori Kelly and the Sesame Street residents perform "Try a Little Kindness."

In the "Smart Cookies: The Snickerdoodle" segment, the team is tasked with cleaning up the Chipowski residence for Mother's Day. The Crumb tricks Cookie Monster and unleashes his Snickerdoodle, which doodles on everything. With the help of Miss Fortune's clues, Cookie Monster eventually uses paper to attract the Snickerdoodle, allowing them to clean up in time for Mrs. Chipowski's arrival.

Cookie Monster and his friends joyfully anticipate the number of the day, representing the number of cookies being baked for Cookie Monster. Today's number is 18.

Elmo's World: Kindness

Sesame Street Episode 4702 The Kindness Kid

Sesame Street Episode 4702 The Kindness Kid

Sesame Street Episode 4702 The Kindness Kid

Sesame Street Episode 4702 appears in the 47th season. The name of the Episode is The Kindness Kid. The air date of the episode is January 7, 2017. The number of the Episode is 18 and the letter is K. Tori Kelly visits Sesame Street.

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