Sesame Street Episode 4620 Hooper's Lockdown

Sesame Street Episode 4620
Hooper's Lockdown
Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4620 appears in the 46th season. The name of the Episode is Hooper's Lockdown. The air date of the episode is May 21, 2016. The number of the Episode is 8 and the letter is S. The celebrity guest of Episode 4620 is Nick Jonas.

Sesame Street Episode 4620 Hooper's Lockdown Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4620 Hooper's Lockdown Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4620 Hooper's Lockdown Season 46

Elmo and Abby enthusiastically plan a surprise birthday party for Alan, complete with a cookie-decorated cake. However, they're aware of Cookie Monster's propensity for cookies and enlist Chris's help to protect the cake. In response, Grover swoops in with an extravagant security system from "Bagels and Locks." Despite the system's complexity and accidental triggers of alarms by Chris, it serves to protect the cake.

Through a series of humorous missteps, they battle the security system's shape and color-coded buttons to prevent Cookie Monster from reaching the cake. The trio engages in problem-solving, shape recognition, and teamwork, with Grover's instruction manual playing a pivotal role. Amidst alarms, multiple security gates, and even an overzealous Locktopus, they finally manage to open all gates just in time to save the cake.

Alan walks into the chaotic scene, surprised at the mess, but delighted at his surprise birthday cake. The festivities continue despite Chris's predicament outside, humorously still chased by the Locktopus.

The Sesame Street crew then joyously introduces the letter 'S' through a lively song and dance routine.

In a fun cameo, Nick Jonas collaborates with Cookie Monster, Bert, and Count von Count in a catchy tune titled "Check That Shape."

"Cookies Crumby Pictures" present a segment titled "The Hungry Games: Catching Fur." Here, Cookie Monster, as "Cookie-ness Evereat," embarks on another food and shape pattern-solving adventure with his friends and Pita.

Count von Count and his friends then discover the number of the day, '8,' in a fun song and dance sequence.

In "Elmo the Musical: Karate Master the Musical," Elmo transforms into a Karate master in a village populated by animals. He has the unique ability to karate chop objects into various shapes. However, the village is plagued by 'the Ooze,' a being that destroys any shape it encounters. Elmo creatively solves the problem by providing the shapeless Ooze with an identity, emphasizing the importance of empathy and understanding.

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