Sesame Street Episode 4619 Move It!

Sesame Street Episode 4619
Move It!
Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4619 appears in the 46th season. The name of the Episode is Move It!. The air date of the episode is May 14, 2016. The number of the Episode is 8 and the letter is M. The celebrity guest of Episode 4619 is Ne-Yo.

Sesame Street Episode 4619 Move It Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4619 Move It Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4619 Move It Season 46

Welcome to "Move It Day" on Sesame Street! A day dedicated to physical movement and exercise, much to the chagrin of Oscar who prefers less action. Chris, Elmo, and Abby initiate the day with an engaging song about the importance of moving, setting the tone for the day's events.

Grover teaches Elmo and Abby a new move called the "wave and wiggle," contributing to the spirit of the day. Meanwhile, they find Cookie Monster deeply engaged in his version of exercise, the "sit and snack," much to their amusement. However, when Big Bird invites them for bird-themed exercises, Cookie Monster opts to continue his cookie feast. Elmo and Abby happily join Big Bird, learning and mimicking bird movements in a fun interactive session.

However, Cookie Monster's day doesn't go as planned. After feasting on cookies and engaging in video games, he feels drained and low. Elmo, Abby, and Big Bird convince him of the importance of exercise, and through an energetic song, they get him moving again, replenishing his lost energy. Grover reappears, demonstrating a new Egyptian-styled move, adding a cultural flavor to the "Move It Day."

Elmo and the crew then lead into an exciting song and dance routine to introduce the letter 'M'.

In a memorable celebrity appearance, Ne-Yo performs a motivational number, "You've Got a Body, So Move It," encouraging viewers to embrace physical activity.

The charming duo, Murray and his lamb Ovejita, visit a gymnastics school for their segment "Murray Has a Little Lamb." Here, children perform various exercises, emphasizing the theme of the day.

Concluding the eventful day, Count von Count and his pals discover the number of the day, '8', in a musical number. The Count passionately performs "Eight is Great," reinforcing the day's learning in a fun, catchy way.

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