Sesame Street Episode 3999 - Ernie's Rubber Duckie loses its squeak

Sesame Street Episode 3999
Ernie's Rubber Duckie loses its squeak
Season 33

Sesame Street Episode 3999

Sesame Street Episode 3999

Sesame Street Episode 3999

Sesame Street Episode 3999 appears in the 33rd season. The name of the Episode is Ernie's Rubber Duckie loses its squeak. The air date of the episode is February 28, 2002. The number of the Episode is 9 and the letter is K. The celebrity guest of Episode 3999 is The Dixie Chicks.

In Episode 3999 of Sesame Street, the street scenes revolve around the adventures of Ernie, Rubber Duckie, Zoe, and Maria.

The first street scene begins with Big Bird singing his daily "la-las" with the kids, performing the song "I Sing La La La." The children join in, making it a fun and interactive experience for everyone.

In the second street scene, Ernie introduces Rubber Duckie to Zoe not once, but three times. He enthusiastically explains how great Rubber Duckie is and how he squeaks every time he squeezes him. However, Rubber Duckie suddenly stops squeaking, much to their surprise.

As the scene continues, Maria comes by, and Ernie and Zoe try singing "Rubber Duckie" and counting to twenty to fix Rubber Duckie's squeak. Zoe decides to ask an adult for help and calls upon "The Amazing Mumford."

Mumford tries using his magic to fix Rubber Duckie's squeak, but instead, he makes Rubber Duckie sound like a car horn and a telephone. Then, Mumford's magic causes him to squeak while Rubber Duckie remains silent. He offers Ernie a replacement duck named Louie, but Ernie refuses.

In the next part of the scene, Mumford suggests asking Maria for help. Zoe mentions that Maria "used to be pretty good at fixing things." Ernie finally allows Maria to hold Rubber Duckie, and she manages to remove a piece of lint from his squeaker.

In the final street scene, Ernie nervously attempts to squeak Rubber Duckie, and to his delight, Rubber Duckie squeaks normally. Everyone joins in to sing "Rubber Duckie" together, celebrating the successful fix.

In one Muppet segment, Herry and Rosita sing a monster lullaby to their dolls. The lullaby works on Herry, who grows eyelids.

The Number of the Day is 9, and The Count counts 9 nifty bats, dressed to the nines, who fly in after 9 is announced as the number of the day.

An animation segment titled "Nine Chickens" by ArtistMike is presented, showcasing his unique artistic style.

Big Bird shows off his favorite toy, Radar, and kids talk about their favorite toys in a film segment, highlighting the importance of play and imagination.

Journey to Ernie is a recurring Muppet segment where Big Bird sets off on a journey to find Ernie. In this episode, Big Bird looks for Ernie's box in the chicken coop, across the tightrope, and by dancing at the discotheque.

The Dixie Chicks and some chickens perform a rendition of the song "Sing," adding a musical touch to the episode.

In another Muppet segment, Ernie and Bert sing "Things That I Remember." They recall the things they remember, accompanied by a montage of classic Ernie and Bert clips.

Hero Guy is a Muppet segment in which Hero Guy has to rescue a kitty drawn in a tree, but the kitty is afraid.

The Letter of the Day is K. To prevent himself from eating it, Cookie Monster sends the Letter K Cookie away on the Letter K train. However, the train arrives back a few moments later.

An animation segment showcases the letter K - king, kiss, and key.

In a film segment, a big letter K emerges, "Jaws"-like, in a swimming pool.

The Spanish Word of the Day is "perro." Several dogs pounce on Grover to demonstrate the word perro (dog).

Elmo's World: Babies is a Muppet segment that explores the world of babies and the things they do.