Sesame Street Episode 3979 - Hurricane, part 4

Sesame Street Episode 3979
Hurricane, part 4
Season 32

Sesame Street Episode 3979

Sesame Street Episode 3979

Sesame Street Episode 3979

Sesame Street Episode 3979 appears in the 32nd season. The name of the Episode is Hurricane, part 4. The air date of the episode is March 29, 2001. The number of the Episode is 9 and the letter is K. The celebrity guest of Episode 3979 is Diana Krall.

The first street scene starts with Big Bird commenting on how clean the street looks after the hurricane. Snuffy tells him that Luis says it's okay to go home. Big Bird then compliments Luis on the new doors to his nest, which seem strong enough to withstand future storms. However, Telly has his doubts, and the Big Bad Wolf from Huff, Huff, and Puff Construction comes to test the doors. The doors hold up well, but Telly gets blown away instead.

In the second street scene, Luis and Maria show Big Bird his newly cleaned and repaired nest area. However, a new problem arises when Big Bird reveals that he doesn't know how to build a nest. I.M. Pig and his associates from the architectural firm Pig, Pig, and Pig approach Big Bird and solicit ideas for a nest. They suggest various ambitious ideas while leading themselves in a song, but Big Bird only wants a simple home.

In the fourth street scene, the three pig architects unveil models of three nests made respectively of straw, sticks, and bricks. Two of the models accidentally get blown away. Big Bird is dissatisfied with all of them, and the pigs suggest that he should have a bird design his nest. Big Bird decides to call his Granny Bird for advice.

In the fifth street scene, Granny Bird advises Big Bird to gather twigs to build his nest. Big Bird and Maria leave to collect twigs, following Granny Bird's advice.

In the sixth street scene, various human and Muppet characters walk into the nest area carrying sticks they've collected. Big Bird still doesn't think he knows how to build the nest, but Alan suggests taking things one twig at a time. Everyone joins in singing "Twig by Twig," and even Oscar contributes by donating mud. Elmo leaves near the end of the scene to feed his goldfish, Dorothy.

In the final street scene, Big Bird's nest is nearly complete when I.M. Pig comes by to critique the work. He is impressed and even invites Big Bird to join his firm. Snuffy announces the sponsors, and the story of the hurricane continues in Episode 3980.

In one segment, Joe Raposo sings "Take a Breath" in a re-filmed version, teaching kids about the importance of taking deep breaths.

Suzie Kabloozie presents the letter of the day made of fudge in a cartoon segment, but Feff is too fast for her, adding a touch of humor to the alphabet lesson.

A film segment showcases the letter K at the beach, highlighting the letter in a fun and engaging way.

Prairie Dawn comes across a letter K sitting on the wall in a Muppet segment. The Big Bad Wolf attempts to blow the letter K away, much to Prairie's chagrin.

The Pink Panther demonstrates the letter K for karate in an animated segment, combining the alphabet with a popular martial art.

In a cartoon titled "From Your Head" by artist Sally Cruikshank, viewers are treated to a colorful and imaginative animation.

Wegman's dogs work with clay in a film segment, showcasing the creativity of both the dogs and their owner.

Suzie Kabloozie stars as Judge #9 in a cartoon segment, adding a touch of whimsy to the number lesson.

The Big Bad Wolf tries to blow the number 9 away in a Muppet segment, but Prairie Dawn intervenes, only to be blown away herself.

A rap segment featuring the number 9 adds a musical element to the number lesson.

In a film segment, footage of kids playing professions alternates with footage of analogous real-life jobs, showcasing the connection between play and future careers.

Suzie Kabloozie introduces an alphabet segment while she chases after Feff in a cartoon, adding excitement to the alphabet lesson.

A karate team punches out the alphabet in a film segment, combining physical activity with learning.

Diana Krall sings "Everybody's Song" with Elmo and everybody in attendance in a Muppets and Celebrity segment, bringing music and togetherness to the episode.

Milo Counting features the number 9 in a film segment, reinforcing the number lesson in a different format.

An animated segment shows an underwater number 9, adding a unique visual element to the number lesson.

In the song "It's a Long Hard Road, But I'm Gonna Get There," viewers are treated to an uplifting and motivational tune.

Ornate Ks fly through the air to a song in a film segment, adding a visually appealing element to the letter K lesson.

A pencil box "K" animation showcases the letter K in a creative and artistic way.

Finally, in the Muppet segment Elmo's World: Birds, Elmo explores the fascinating world of birds and their characteristics.

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  1. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter K and by the number 9.