Sesame Street Episode 3983 Three Monster Girls Who Really Love to Sing

Sesame Street Episode 3983
Three Monster Girls Who Really Love to Sing
Season 33

Sesame Street Episode 3983

Sesame Street Episode 3983

Sesame Street Episode 3983

Sesame Street Episode 3983 appears in the 33rd season. The name of the Episode is Three Monster Girls Who Really Love to Sing. The air date of the episode is February 6, 2002. The number of the Episode is 19 and the letter is O. The celebrity guest of Episode 3983 is Ray Romano.

The episode begins with Rosita, Lulu, and Zoe introducing themselves as "three monster girls who love to sing," and they sing "Sing." Telly, the monster music reporter, freezes the action and reports on the group's beginnings.

In a flashback segment, Rosita and Zoe encounter Miles and Gabi singing and dancing to "A New Way to Walk." The four of them sing "Goodbye Fly." Miles and Gabi have to leave to play soccer, so the two monsters continue singing together.

Telly once again freezes everyone and continues his report. Gordon enters the scene with his groceries and is directed to freeze as well. As the scene resumes, Lulu watches Rosita and Zoe and contemplates joining them. She worries they might not accept her, but they gladly let her sing with them, forming the trio of singing monsters. They sing another verse of "Goodbye Fly" before Telly freezes the action again, wondering what they eat for lunch.

At Hooper's store, the three monster girls sing a round of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." Lulu orders three peanut butter sandwiches, but Alan is out of peanut butter. Telly briefly comments on the crisis and almost forgets to unfreeze everyone. Alan instead offers today's special: a cheese sandwich with a side of carrot sticks and cranberry juice. The girls decide to try it, and they realize they're now "three monster girls who love to sing, and who also love to try different foods!" Telly then foresees another problem.

The monsters each want to sing a different song and start arguing. Miles and Gabi come by and propose taking turns, but the group disagrees over which song to sing first. They suggest picking another song everyone wants to sing. A familiar opening vamp starts to play, which helps them decide to sing "Sing." Telly, fed up with reporting, is allowed to join the group.

In the final scene, Big Bird announces the sponsors while the monsters continue singing "Sing."

Ray Romano appears in a celebrity segment, where he struggles to describe the word "frustrated" because Grover keeps interrupting with irrelevant topics like pineapples, head coverings, and cheese balls.

In a Muppets segment, Monster Clubhouse explores the Furry Feeling of the Day, which is "Surprised." A duck arrives to play a flapping dance with the monsters.

The Number of the Day is 19, and a Muppet 19 shows up to celebrate it. An animated rap segment about the number 19 follows, and a film segment features kids painting a huge mural about the number 19.

A film segment takes viewers on a trip to an African dance school, showcasing different dance styles and cultural elements.

Big Bird sets off on a Journey to Ernie in a Muppets segment. With the help of a Martian, he looks for Ernie's box. Later, Big Bird searches for Ernie's box across a tightrope and eventually finds him.

In another Muppets segment, Ernie and Elmo sing "Sing After Me."

The Letter of the Day is "O." Cookie Monster tries to avoid eating the Letter O Cookie by mailing it away in a box. However, Grover, the mail carrier, picks up the package and delivers it right back to Cookie Monster, who ends up eating the cookie.

An animated segment features a lady receiving a letter O in the mail, which rolls around her living room.

The Spanish Word of the Day is "flor." Maria smells different flowers, including Stinky the Stinkweed, in a Muppets segment.

Elmo's World: Sleep is featured in a Muppets segment, exploring the topic of sleep in a fun and educational way.

In an altered version of the episode on HBO Max, a film segment called "Get Your Body Busy" replaces the Spanish Word of the Day. It features Baby Tooth and the Fuzzy Funk dancing to the song, with Baby Tooth hamming it up until the other two monsters join him in the unstructured dance.


  1. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter O and by the number 19.

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  3. Lindenwold Blackwood

  4. Aaron: Oh greetings it is I Aaron which Number will be the Number of the Day today? Well let's find out *Warms up Arms* Warm up

    Thomas: 🎵One
    Edward: 🎵 Two
    Henry: 🎵Three
    Gordon: 🎵Four
    James: 🎵Five
    Percy: 🎵Six
    Toby: 🎵Seven
    Duck: 🎵Eight
    Aaron: When will we get there?
    Donald: 🎵Nine
    Douglas: 🎵Ten
    Oliver: 🎵Eleven
    Emily: 🎵Twelve
    Stanley: 🎵Thirteen
    Aaron: Not yet?
    Charlie: 🎵Fourteen
    Murdoch: 🎵Fifteen
    Rosie: 🎵Sixteen
    Aaron: Hmm we must go even higher
    Arthur: 🎵Seventeen
    Nia: 🎵Eighteen
    Wilburt: 🎵Nineteen
    ⚡🎵🎈 🎉 🎊 ✨
    Engines cheer for 19 as #19 pops out of Wilbur's Funnel
    #19: Today's Number is me
    Aaron: the Number 19 let's hear it yeah 19 Woah.

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