Sesame Street Episode 3978 - Hurricane, part 3

Sesame Street Episode 3978
Hurricane, part 3
Season 32

Sesame Street Episode 3978

Sesame Street Episode 3978

Sesame Street Episode 3978

Sesame Street Episode 3978 appears in the 32nd season. The name of the Episode is Hurricane, part 3. The air date of the episode is March 28, 2001. The number of the Episode is 5 and the letter is N. The celebrity guest of Episode 3978 is Robert De Niro.

In Episode 3978 of Sesame Street, the street scenes focus on Big Bird and the aftermath of the hurricane that damaged his nest.

In the first street scene, the cast is busy fixing Big Bird's nest area. Big Bird explains what has happened in the previous days. Telly, in an attempt to be prepared for future hurricanes, wears a raincoat and carries various equipment, devising an "early-warning system" using a pinwheel. However, Gina remains skeptical of Telly's methods.

In the second street scene, the cast takes a break from cleaning up. Big Bird expresses anger at the hurricane for wrecking his home and sadness about the damage. Luis and Maria invite Big Bird to stay with them for the night. Telly enters the scene, hysterical about another potential hurricane. Gina explains that Telly's "hurricane-detecting" pinwheel only moves when he waves it around, and there is no storm coming.

In the third street scene, Big Bird reminisces about his nest during dinner at Luis and Maria's home, leading to a flashback. Luis provides Big Bird with a hot plate of sunflower seed soufflé to comfort him.

In the fourth street scene, Big Bird gets ready for bed and talks to Luis about more memories they've shared, including the time Luis hatched a baby Honker in Big Bird's nest and when Lea Salonga sang "A Little Bit" to a duck. Gabi offers to sleep with Big Bird for company.

In the fifth street scene, Luis and Maria go to bed, exhausted from their day's work. After they turn off the light, Big Bird shares more memories, including Telly delivering a message from him to Zoe, and Elmo and Ruthie engaged in a sleepover dance. Big Bird invites Luis and Maria to join in a sleepover dance, but they politely decline.

In the sixth street scene, Gabi checks on Big Bird to see how he is doing. He sings "That Good Old Nest of Mine" and looks forward to creating new memories when his new nest is ready. They turn out the light and go to sleep.

In the final street scene, Big Bird wakes up in the middle of the night with another memory, in which he sat in his nest and announced the sponsors of the episode. The story of the hurricane continues in Episode 3979.

In a film segment, three floating kids form a triangle, teaching about shapes in a fun and engaging way.

A cartoon segment tells the story of a duckling who wants to join the others playing at the water's edge, teaching about friendship and inclusion.

Maria narrates a film segment about looking for triangles in the city, reinforcing the concept of shapes in everyday life.

Grover attempts to announce the weather in a Muppets segment, but the changing conditions make it difficult for him to keep up, adding humor to the lesson.

An animation titled "Five Waltzing Chairs" by artist Jane Aaron showcases dancing chairs, teaching about the number five.

In a film segment, Chinese acrobats demonstrate the number five through their incredible stunts.

A cartoon by artist Keith Haring features five outlines of people dancing, further emphasizing the number five.

Joe Raposo sings "Penguins Five," a song about penguins and the number five in a musical segment.

A woman orders five tall things in a cartoon segment, teaching about counting and the concept of height.

A mouse sings "Felines," a song about emotions, to the tune of "Feelings" in a cartoon segment, teaching children about expressing their emotions.

Robert De Niro explains to Elmo what an actor is in a celebrity segment, and proceeds to imagine himself as a dog, cabbage, and a clone of Elmo, showcasing the power of imagination.

In a film segment, children on a playground form the letters of the alphabet, teaching the alphabet in an active and playful manner.

An elephant tries to remember Nigel the cat's birthday in a cartoon segment, succeeding after stringing together a series of clues, teaching about problem-solving and memory.

The song "You're Important" emphasizes self-worth and self-esteem in a musical segment.

An animated lion sings "Dance Myself to Sleep" by artist Sally Cruikshank, teaching children about bedtime routines.

The Rainbow Fish counts groups of five in the ocean in a Muppets segment, reinforcing the number five lesson.

A cartoon features five of various things found in space, including five spaceships on Mars, teaching about counting and space exploration.

Noodles & Nedd share a blanket on a chilly night in a cartoon segment, teaching about compromise and sharing.

Elmo introduces a clip of a young boy singing a song to his baby sister in a Muppets and Film segment, showcasing sibling love and the joy of singing.

In the Muppet segment Elmo's World: Games, Elmo explores different types of games, teaching children about various ways to have fun and be active.

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