Sesame Street Episode 3977 - Hurricane, part 2

Sesame Street Episode 3977
Hurricane, part 2
Season 32

Sesame Street Episode 3977

Sesame Street Episode 3977

Sesame Street Episode 3977

Sesame Street Episode 3977 appears in the 32nd season. The name of the Episode is Hurricane, part 2. The air date of the episode is March 27, 2001. The number of the Episode is 12 and the letter is G. The celebrity guest of Episode 3977 is Renée Fleming.

In Episode 3977 of Sesame Street, the street scenes focus on the aftermath of a hurricane. The episode begins with the human cast sweeping and cleaning outside, while Big Bird and Gordon comment on the damage. Big Bird is concerned about his nest, which has been severely affected by the storm.

Big Bird and Gordon walk over to the nest, finding the doors blown down and debris scattered everywhere. Only Radar and Mr. Hooper's picture remain intact. Big Bird mourns the loss of his nest and cries, and Gordon comforts him, assuring him that everything will be alright eventually.

The human characters gather in Big Bird's nest to help clean up and assess the damage. Big Bird is still sad, reminiscing about his home. He is reassured that his nest can be fixed, but it will take time and effort.

Luis shows Big Bird a drawing of where the doors to his nest will go. Snuffy arrives and discusses the hurricane with Big Bird. They talk about the damage and how happy they are that the storm couldn't blow away their friends. While cleaning up, Maria finds a large feathered hat that belongs to an Anything Muppet woman. Snuffy offers to help Big Bird clean up, emphasizing the importance of friendship.

Big Bird, Gabi, and Miles sing the alphabet song together after finding Big Bird's alphabet sign in two pieces. Later, Big Bird gets hungry but cannot go to his nest for a birdseed snack. Alan invites him to Hooper's Store for a birdseed milkshake instead.

Big Bird enjoys his birdseed milkshake at Hooper's Store, where Elmo and Baby Bear join him. Baby Bear shows a picture he drew of his family during the hurricane. The characters sing a lullaby to Big Bird, who falls asleep in the store.

Big Bird talks to Gordon and Susan about his day and looks out the window to check on the progress of his nest repair. Disappointed by the slow progress, he decides to draw a picture to feel better.

Finally, Big Bird compliments Gordon and Susan on dinner and suggests playing with flashlights again. After the sponsors are read off, they start to tell a story. The story of the hurricane continues in Episode 3978.

In a song segment, "It's All Right to Cry" teaches children that it's okay to express their emotions through tears.

A film segment showcases two sisters creating their own buildings using paper and blocks, encouraging creativity and imagination.

In a Muppets segment, Ernie and Elmo exchange milk and cookies while singing "Share," highlighting the importance of sharing with friends.

The cartoon segment features Suzie Kabloozie as Judge #12, providing a fun and engaging storyline.

Milo Counting is showcased in a film segment, focusing on the number 12.

In another cartoon, Clown Honking #12 adds humor and entertainment.

A film segment presents Cookie Monster singing "What is Friend?" against a montage of kids, teaching the meaning of friendship.

In a Muppets segment, Grover and Rosita explain the concept of "love" in 15 seconds, adding a fun and fast-paced element.

A cartoon explores the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day with chickens instead of hearts.

Children on a jungle safari spot an ornate G swing through the trees in a film segment, teaching about the alphabet in an adventurous setting.

The animation "Pencil box G / g" focuses on the letter G.

In another film segment, G is featured in various words like go, girls, guitar, and goldfish.

Opera star Renée Fleming sings "1-2-3-4-5" in a celebrity segment, teaching children about counting.

A cartoon by artist Karen Aqua features ladies, birds, and fish marching forward and backward.

In a film segment, William Wegman's dogs portray an orchestra conductor and pianist, showcasing creativity and humor.

A Muppets segment presents a musical fairy tale where Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf sing "One Fine Face."

A film segment shows paper crumpling to reveal G, g, and Gg.

The song "Big G and Little G" focuses on teaching children about the letter G.

In a film segment, a child explains that he can paint anything, encouraging creativity and self-expression.

An animation segment shows a mother and daughter walking through a park, and the child later draws a picture of the things they saw.

Ornate 12s fly through the air in a film segment, teaching about the number 12.

The cartoon "Rubber Stamp #12" focuses on the number 12.

In the Muppets segment "Elmo's World: Drawing," Elmo explores the world of drawing and creativity.

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