Sesame Street Episode 3976 - Hurricane, part 1

Sesame Street Episode 3976
Hurricane, part 1
Season 32

Sesame Street Episode 3976

Sesame Street Episode 3976

Sesame Street Episode 3976

Sesame Street Episode 3976 appears in the 32nd season. The name of the Episode is Hurricane, part 1. The air date of the episode is March 26, 2001. The number of the Episode is 8 and the letter is X.

In Episode 3976 of Sesame Street, the street scenes revolve around the characters preparing for and dealing with an approaching hurricane. The episode starts with Big Bird and Gordon chatting about the windy day when Old MacDonald arrives, warning them about the hurricane based on his animals' unusual behavior.

The entire cast gathers at Hooper's Store to watch a special weather bulletin on television. Kermit the Frog appears on Sesame Street News Flash to announce the hurricane, followed by Al Roker providing more information with his weather map.

Kermit and Al report from the scene, explaining the signs of an approaching hurricane. Old MacDonald interrupts them, bringing his animals home through the subway. Kermit interviews Luis, Maria, Alan, Baby Bear, Elmo, and Zoe about their preparations and cooperation in anticipation of the hurricane.

Big Bird's friends help him prepare by placing his belongings in a toy chest. Gordon informs Big Bird that he cannot stay in his nest during the storm and must be indoors. Meanwhile, Oscar expresses his excitement about the weather, but Gordon and Bob insist that he must come inside. Reluctantly, Oscar agrees after Slimey is almost blown away. They carry his entire trash can inside with great difficulty.

As evening approaches, Telly and Gabi watch the storm from their windows. Inside, various characters interact and share meals. Bob deals with Oscar's demands for more peanuts for the elephants in his trash can and a group of characters playing a loud hurricane song on the piano. Susan gives Big Bird a birdseed milkshake to comfort him.

Susan, Gordon, Miles, and Big Bird sit out the hurricane together. When the lights go out, they entertain themselves by playing games and telling stories with flashlights. Big Bird remains worried about his nest and cannot sleep, so he goes to Gordon and Susan's bedroom and climbs into their bed for comfort.

The episode concludes with a view of the storm outside the Robinsons' window. Oscar reads off the day's sponsors. The story of the hurricane continues in Episode 3977.

Kermit the Frog appears in a Sesame Street News Flash to announce the hurricane, followed by Al Roker providing more information using his weather map. This segment teaches viewers about weather reporting and hurricane awareness.

In a cartoon segment, kids and animals take turns passing letters over themselves while singing the alphabet song, promoting alphabet learning and recognition.

A stamped and painted X animation segment showcases the letter X in a creative and visually appealing way.

Milo Counting: 8 is featured in a segment, teaching children about the number 8 through a fun and engaging character.

Suzie Kabloozie stars in "Judge #8," adding humor and entertainment to the episode.

Ornate 8s are shown strolling through a gate and posing in other remarkable places, emphasizing the number 8.

A song segment titled "Danger Song" highlights the importance of being cautious and aware of potential dangers.

Grover demonstrates the concept of "surprise" with Prairie Dawn in a Muppets segment, teaching children about emotions and expressions.

In another cartoon, pirates sing a doo-wop song about preparing for their journey, offering a fun and catchy musical experience.

A segment featuring William Wegman's dogs forming the letter X and demonstrating an X-ray adds humor and creativity to the episode.

An animation showcases the letter X in various typefaces, reinforcing the recognition of the letter.

Clown Honking #8 is featured in a cartoon segment, adding more focus on the number 8.

Elmo's World: Birds is presented in the episode, exploring the world of birds in an entertaining and educational way.