Sesame Street Episode 3967 Ernie asks Gordon to ducksit for Rubber Duckie

Sesame Street Episode 3967
Ernie asks Gordon to ducksit for Rubber Duckie
Season 32

Sesame Street Episode 3967

Sesame Street Episode 3967

Sesame Street Episode 3967

Sesame Street Episode 3967 appears in the 32nd season. The name of the Episode is Ernie asks Gordon to ducksit for Rubber Duckie. The air date of the episode is March 13, 2001. The number of the Episode is 6 and the letter is R. The celebrity guest of Episode 3967 is Little Richard.

In Episode 3967 of Sesame Street, the street scenes revolve around Gordon duckie-sitting Rubber Duckie for Ernie while he attends the Pigeon Lover's Convention with Bert.

The episode begins with Gordon planning to spend a quiet day reading the newspaper. Ernie approaches him, asking if he can duckie-sit Rubber Duckie. Gordon accepts, thinking it'll be easy. However, he soon learns that he needs to squeak Rubber Duckie in a particular, loud way. After many attempts, he finally gets the right squeak, but discovers there are many more ways to squeak him.

In the second scene, Ernie shows Gordon how Rubber Duckie likes to be held - on top of his head. Prairie Dawn briefly observes him but leaves when Ernie proposes she help duckie-sit. Gordon thinks he has everything he needs until Ernie rushes back to the apartment to get his list of Rubber Duckie care requirements.

In the third scene, Ernie returns with a newly written list. According to the list, the next step in duckie-sitting is saying the alphabet while holding Rubber Duckie on his head and squeaking him. Zoe and Brittany approach them and ask to sing too, having never sung the alphabet with someone with a duckie on their head.

In the fourth scene, Gordon must count with Rubber Duckie while holding him on his nose. He initially refuses, but Ernie and Zoe guilt him into it. Gordon counts to 10, but Rubber Duckie likes counting to 40.

In the fifth scene, Gordon thinks he knows everything he needs to about taking care of Rubber Duckie, but there's one thing left - putting Rubber Duckie down for his nap. This involves placing him to your ear, hopping on one foot, and quacking. Gordon refuses, claiming Rubber Duckie is just a bath toy. Ernie takes offense until Gordon apologizes and asks if there's an alternate way; Ernie tells him the other way to get him to sleep is by putting him on your head.

In the final scene, Rubber Duckie is still napping when Bert arrives, telling Ernie he's missed the entire convention. Since they already have a duckie sitter, they decide to go see a movie. Ernie returns to tell Gordon one last thing about taking care of Rubber Duckie - how to say goodbye. Gordon knows and reads the sponsors with Rubber Duckie on his head. Ernie loves it but questions why Gordon thought he had to hold him on his head.

In a film segment, children are asked what sound a duck makes. This segment is cut from the HBO Max version of the episode.

A Muppets segment features a rooster comedian being yanked off stage, followed by Big Bird and Snuffy introducing the letter of the day.

The song "Big R and Little R" by Christopher Cerf is presented, highlighting the differences between uppercase and lowercase R.

An animation segment showcases the letter R being painted in space, while another animation segment has kids finding R words on a computer.

A cartoon features a man with a small octopus on his head, while a little boy has a big octopus. This segment is created by artist Mo Willems.

Grover sings "I Do Not Crawl Around Much Anymore" in a Muppets segment.

The song "Get On Up (Everybody Move)" encourages children to dance and move their bodies.

A film segment by William Wegman features Batty working with clay and pottery. This segment is also cut from the HBO Max version of the episode.

In an animation segment, kids talk about families, often mentioning having rhinoceroses as pets.

Celebrity guest Little Richard performs "Rubber Duckie."

A cartoon with Gordon's voiceover features the letter R with new sound effects added.

The song "Letter R Menu" is presented, showcasing various R words in a fun and musical way.

An animation segment shows a piece of paper being folded into a chick.

In a cartoon segment, Rap #6 is featured, followed by a film segment where six children dance in a color block grid.

Suzie Kabloozie stars in the Judge #6 cartoon segment.

The song "Everybody Sleeps" by Joe Raposo is presented in a re-filmed version.

In a cartoon segment, the "Wall of Numbers" highlights the number 6, and a film segment features six kids dancing on a playground to the same beat.

Finally, a Muppets segment showcases Elmo's World: Games, where Elmo explores various games and activities in a fun, educational manner.

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