Sesame Street Episode 3855 - Barkley does not want to take a bath

Sesame Street Episode 3855
Barkley does not want to take a bath
Season 31

Sesame Street Episode 3855

Sesame Street Episode 3855

Sesame Street Episode 3855

Sesame Street Episode 3855 appears in the 31st season. The name of the Episode is Barkley does not want to take a bath. The air date of the episode is January 7, 2000. The number of the Episode is 7 an
d the letter is W. The celebrity guest of Episode 3855 is Little Richard (Richard Wayne Penniman).

In this episode of Sesame Street, Telly, Miles, Linda, and Gordon set up an inflatable pool in the yard to give Barkley a bath. They gather all the necessary items for the bath, including the bathtub, shampoo, brush, Barkley's favorite towel, and a bone-shaped squeak toy. However, Barkley runs away upon seeing the bath setup.

Telly becomes anxious, worrying that Barkley will become a big ball of dirt. Oscar overhears this and likes the idea. Miles suggests that they search all over Sesame Street and figure out why Barkley doesn't want to take a bath, while Oscar admires Barkley's "inner Grouch."

Big Bird, in his nest, introduces the letter of the day, W, for words like "wonderful," "word," and "woof." Big Bird and Gordon hear a barking noise and spot a large, orange tail sticking out behind Big Bird's nest, leading to a chase to find Barkley.

At Hooper's Store, Alan puts out a number 7 tablecloth in honor of the number of the day. Barkley hides nearby and uses the tablecloth as a disguise. However, the hiding spot doesn't work, and Barkley runs off again, prompting Alan to yell, "Stop that tablecloth!"

Barkley runs into Linda and becomes surrounded. Linda realizes that Barkley is afraid of getting soap in his eyes. Telly comes up with a perfect solution and runs off to find it. He borrows Snuffy's swimming goggles (with an adjustable strap) for Barkley to wear during the bath.

Barkley happily enjoys the bath, while Oscar protests, "Barkley, how could you?!" Oscar decides that he can't take it anymore and opts for a mud bath instead. In the final scene, Telly wonders if they used enough conditioner as Alan dries and brushes Barkley. Gordon and Alan announce the sponsors for the episode.

One of the segments features a song called "Washin' the Dog," which is a fun and catchy tune about dog washing. In an animation segment, the letter W is showcased for water, wind, wave, and wet. There is also a film segment where a man dances in a W costume on the beach, and a cartoon segment with a speech balloon presenting W for water.

A creative cartoon segment presents a girl writing a poem about the number of fleas on her dog, which add up. In a celebrity segment, Little Richard performs a unique rendition of the classic song "Rubber Duckie." A film segment features a child in a classroom drawing a picture of her dog, Puck, and discussing the care required to keep a pet.

In another film segment, Wegman's dogs form the letter W, and a cartoon showcases a dog washing scene with the phrase "I am dry, he is wet." A Muppets segment with Ernie and Bert involves Ernie forgetting to turn off the water in the tub after his bath, followed by a song called "Let's Go Tubbin' Today."

A cartoon segment called "The Magnificent Splasho" features a character going from the top of the ladder to the bottom of the water tank. In a film segment, Milo counts to 7, and a Muppets segment shows Cookie Monster learning to ask politely for Prairie Dawn's cookie.

In an animation segment, the word "dog" appears on-screen, followed by a shot of a dog. A Muppets segment features Elmo and Seven Goldfish singing together, and a film segment shows seven kids dancing on a playground to the same beat.