Sesame Street Episode 3912 - Elmo in Numberland

Sesame Street Episode 3912
Elmo in Numberland
Season 31

Sesame Street Episode 3912

Sesame Street Episode 3912

Sesame Street Episode 3912

Sesame Street Episode 3912 appears in the 31st season. The name of the Episode is Elmo in Numberland. The air date of the episode is May 9, 2000. The numbers of the Episode are 1-...-10 and the letter is Y. The celebrity guest of Episode 3912 is NSYNC.

In this episode of Sesame Street, Elmo has written a book called "Elmo in Numberland" and begins reading it to Maria. The story takes Elmo on a journey through Numberland, where he encounters various numbers and their corresponding scenes.

In the first chapter, Elmo visits the House of 1 and looks through the window. Maria is enjoying the book so far. On the next page, Elmo encounters a clock with number 2s all over it. Out of the clock's doors come two mechanical maids, played by Ruthie, who chirp "two-two," indicating that it's a two-two clock.

Before Elmo continues reading, Maria draws his attention to the next few segments. In the following scene, Elmo becomes a contestant on the "Name That 3" game show. He must choose one out of three boxes, all of which have the number 3 on them. He ends up winning three lemons, which he can use to make lemonade.

After Elmo drinks three glasses of lemonade, he moves on to the next page, where he encounters the Four Wall. He hears Big Bird calling him and follows wherever the four arrows point. The arrows always point away from where Big Bird is, but eventually, they point downward, and Elmo sees Big Bird.

In the next part of the story, Elmo visits the garden of five hiding flowers, which are difficult to find until some kids' faces pop out of them. Maria is impressed with Elmo's imagination and recounts everything that has happened so far. Elmo takes a break to use the bathroom while Maria waits for him.

When Elmo returns, he continues telling the story. He visits the Number 6 Circus and watches the performance. After the circus, Elmo goes to the next page, where he finds a bowl with seven singing goldfish and sings "Seven Goldfish" with them.

On the next page, Elmo visits a tall building, looking for eight of something. This leads him to the next segment, where he meets the 9 sheep counting man. The story is almost over - on the last page, Elmo meets the number 10, poking his head through the hollow zero on the page. Maria likes the book so much that Elmo lets her have it, and he leaves to go feed Dorothy.

In the final scene, Elmo says he'll be back down to read to Maria again soon. She announces the sponsors, which include the numbers 1 through 10.

In one cartoon segment, a girl's mom gives her a number 1 from the shelf, referring to it as her "1 and only." This segment is created by Fred Garbers. Another film segment features the McDouble twins, who display pairs of things, illustrating the concept of twos.

A Muppets segment showcases Telly noticing that Zoe's book is old-looking and worn. He learns that it's damaged because Zoe loves it so much, regardless of its condition. In another cartoon, Suzie Kabloozie sings about the things she can imagine herself doing "In My Head."

In an Egyptian-themed cartoon, three lemons are used to make lemonade, illustrating the concept of threes. A Muppets segment features Big Bird singing "I Just Adore Four" on stage with the Oinker Sisters. Another cartoon segment, created by Jerry Nelson, is called "In My Book."

A Muppet & Kid Moment features Jordan singing the alphabet for Grover. In a cartoon by Sally Cruikshank, "From Your Head" is presented. Another cartoon segment, created by Karen Aqua, is called "Move to the Beat," where a girl dances with a tiger.

A celebrity segment features *NSYNC performing "Believe in Yourself." An animation segment showcases Planet Y, followed by a Muppets segment where Worms in Space make the letter Y. In another animation, airplanes carve the capital and lowercase letter Y.

An animation segment called "Six Circus Balls," created by Jane Aaron, is featured. In a cartoon segment, the Bellhop has to bring eight steamer trunks down eight flights of stairs, illustrating the concept of eights. A film segment showcases the letter Y for yell, yellow, and yodel.

In a Muppets segment, Elmo's World: Food is presented. An animation segment called "Ten Dancing Kids," created by Karen Aqua, is also featured.

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