Sesame Street Episode 3846 - Rosita tries to use her wings

Sesame Street Episode 3846
Rosita tries to use her wings, but can't fly
Season 30

Sesame Street Episode 3846

Sesame Street Episode 3846

Sesame Street Episode 3846

Sesame Street Episode 3846 appears in the 30th season. The name of the Episode is Rosita tries to use her wings, but can't fly. The air date of the episode is May 3, 1999. The number of the Episode is 20 and the letter is S. The celebrity guest of Episode 3846 is Joe Williams.

In this episode of Sesame Street, the street scenes focus on Rosita's journey to find a purpose for her monster-wings, as she cannot fly like birds. Throughout the scenes, Rosita interacts with various characters who help her discover different uses for her wings.

The episode begins with Maria finding Rosita trying to use her wings to fly like birds. Rosita believes that since everyone in her family has wings, she should be able to fly. However, Maria asks if any of Rosita's family members can fly, and Rosita realizes that none of them can. Upset about not being able to fly, Maria takes Rosita to someone who will understand her feelings, Big Bird.

In the second street scene, Rosita and Maria walk in on Big Bird conducting a Birdketeer meeting. Big Bird understands why Rosita is upset - he and the Birdketeers can't fly either. They still have fun flapping their wings, though. After leaving the nest, Rosita becomes determined to find other things to do with her monster-wings.

In the third street scene, at Hooper's Store, Alan becomes exhausted from moving boxes. Rosita runs into him and thinks about what to do with her wings while flapping them. Alan points out that her wings can generate a cool breeze, which feels refreshing to him after all that hard work. Rosita feels proud of her newfound talent, but when she flaps her wings faster, she accidentally blows Alan away.

In the fourth street scene, Rosita meets Tarah and tells her about her quest to find uses for her wings. This reminds Tarah of her own experiences being in a wheelchair. She can't walk with her legs, but she can still race with her friends. Rosita can't run very fast, but Tarah suggests she might go faster if she flapped her wings. Rosita tries this and discovers that she can indeed run faster with her wings.

In the fifth street scene, Big Bird and the Birdketeers give Rosita her own Birdketeer hat and invite her to come "fly" with them. They all sing "We're Flying" as they pretend to fly together.

In the final street scene, a proud Rosita shows Maria the things she's learned she can do with her wings, including making wind, running faster, pretending to fly, and giving hugs.

One of the segments features a cartoon about a determined little boy who makes several attempts to fly and eventually gets his dad to take him on an airplane. This segment teaches children about perseverance and following their dreams.

In another segment, Lillian, a character in a cartoon by Craig Bartlett, proudly shares her experience of climbing a mountain all by herself. This segment encourages children to be independent and take on challenges.

A Muppets segment features Zoe in her Zoemobile, introducing the letter of the day. This segment helps children learn about the alphabet and the importance of each letter.

In a film segment, kid jungle explorers sight a wild letter S, teaching children about the letter S and its significance.

Another cartoon segment showcases the letter S growing on a vine, further reinforcing children's understanding of the letter S.

In an animation segment, a white pipe-cleaner family is wary of their new green neighbors. When they see the two babies playing together, they warm up to each other, teaching children about accepting differences and making friends.

A Monsterpiece Theater Muppets segment features Kermit and Ms. Scarlett demonstrating subtraction in a skit called "Gone with the Wind."

In a cartoon by Bruce Cayard, Dr. Annie Eyeball looks at air, teaching children about the importance of air and its properties.

A film segment showcases the letters of the alphabet found in signs all over the city, helping children learn about the alphabet and its significance.

In a song segment, children pretend to be airplanes as they sing "I'm a Little Airplane," teaching children about using their imagination and having fun.

A cartoon segment features number creatures 20, teaching children about the number 20 and its significance.

In a film segment, growing numbers up to 20 are shown, further reinforcing the importance of counting and numbers.

A cartoon by Karen Aqua showcases jungle creatures dancing and forming a 20, teaching children about the number 20 in a fun and engaging way.

In a Muppets and celebrity segment, Gloria Estefan sings "You Say Hola and I Say Hola," teaching children about greetings and the importance of communication.

In a cartoon segment, a white boy hangs out with his Latino friend, teaching children about friendship and cultural diversity.

In a song segment titled "See Like a Bird," children learn about the perspective of birds and their unique way of seeing the world.

A cartoon by Fred Garbers features the letter S in various words and actions, such as scribble, scrub, scrunch, splash, spring, spin, stomp, scream, stop, and sorry.

In another cartoon segment, Seymore the snail presents himself, teaching children about snails and their unique characteristics.

In a Muppets segment, Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, and other characters sing a song about addition, teaching children about the concept of adding numbers.

Lastly, a cartoon segment features the word OPEN spelled out in jack-in-the-boxes, teaching children about the importance of words and their meanings.