Elmo and The Bookaneers Pirates Who Love To Read!

Sesame Street Elmo and The Bookaneers
Pirates Who Love To Read!

Elmo and The Bookaneers Pirates Who Love To Read

Elmo and The Bookaneers Pirates Who Love To Read

Elmo and The Bookaneers Pirates Who Love To Read

Elmo and the Bookaneers was released in April 2009. It is one of Sesame Street special videos. As we see the tittle of the video, it includes an adventure of Elmo with pirates. While Elmo and Alan are reading together in Hooper's Store, Prirates boardes the shop.Their name is Bookaneers and captain Tina Fey leads them. Elmo dos not accept to hand over his book to the pirates, there are a series of tests to see if Elmo is worthy of joining their crew.

This special video includes some segments:
What's the Word on the Street? :In this video, we see the word Squid, it means that an elongated, fast-swimming cephalopod mollusc with eight arms and two long tentacles, typically able to change colour.

There are some Street scenes from Sesame Street Episode 4135. the air date of the episode is August 13, 2007.

Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures PIRATES: We see Ernie and Bert as pirates, they  look for treasure on the open sea. They come to an island, They meet a monkey in the island and that monkey steals their map, and they have to swap Bert's clothes  in order to get their map back. They find a happy face, and dig up a treasure chest full of socks, which Bert gets excited about them, but Ernie does not get excited like Bert.

This segment is  first appeared in Sesame Street Episode 4163, The Big Adventures of Bert and Ernie.

In the cartoon part we see "Pirates 'R'.

Brian Williams  reports about uses of the word squid.

I Love Words is sung by Abby Cadabby. The song includes the various kinds of words she loves.

"In the Library song is sung.

Suzie Kabloozie reads about pirates.

Ernie appears and he sings  a song, the name of the song is Imagine That.

Jerry Nelson sings "In My Book."

Elmo's World: Books

The name of segment is books. At the beginning of the scene we see Elmo and says the theme:  books. Dorothy's wants to know how you read a book. We also see Mr. Noodle.