Watch Bert and Ernie's Word Play

Sesame Street Bert and Ernie's Word Play

Sesame Street Bert and Ernie's Word Play

Sesame Street Bert and Ernie's Word Play

Sesame Street Bert and Ernie's Word Play

Bert and Ernie's Word Play is a Sesame Street Special Video, as a DVD that was released in June 2002. The DVD includes  a variety show in order to teach about words.

FRAME1-At the beginnig of the show we see Prairie Dawn, she calls all the performers to get ready for the show. And then  introduced the show. Ernie and Bert come on stage and they are ready to present the first word. The first word is Fun. and then they present the next word that is Go. If one of them says the given word, will get a pie to the face . Bert  says the word and gets a pie to the face. Ernie tells some more words that start with G.

FRAME2-  telegram delivery monster Grover comes with a  message from Ho-Ho from. And then we see Elmo and Zoe, they have boards that make the word COOKIE and then Cookie Monster is seen. Bert and Ernie are on the stage again and Bert has prepared a card of “material” the audience laugh it. GOAT is another word. Ernie removes letters to make new words from it, including GO, which Bert once again says by accident and gets pied.

FRAME3- We see Elmo and Zoe , they are ready to introduce the new word, it is sticky ,  Zoe and Rosita sing a song, the name of the song is "Sticky Tape."

FRAME4-Zoe and Rosita  are seen on the stage, the sing the song "Sticky Tape." Now the final act.   Bert is shoved on stage by Ernie, he should keep the audience busy, but it is not easy as they think, Bert tries tell one joke. It is finally last part Mo, Flo and Elmo singing “Need to Read”

After first frame there are some parts including film, cartoon and muppets. In the film part, it is about the letter G, aand the words with G, G for girls, guitar. In the cartoon part we see the word go. Also in this part we see Kermit the Frog.

Between frame 2 and frame 3,  a chicken  and a chorus of backup hens sing I am Chicken song. We also see ake words like Shake / lake / bake / take / make.

"I'm a Bookworm, Baby!". "I'm a Bookworm, Baby!" and "Professor Television" are seen after frame 3.

At the end of the this special video we see Bert, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch while singing about what they love. Pigeons and Cookies and Trash.