New Sesame Street Characters

The Sesame Sesame cast features muppets and human characters. Although some of these characters have been on the show for a long time, new characters are added to the series as time goes on. So who are the new Sesame Street characters and what are their names? When were these characters included in the series? If you're ready, let's start. (The list is ordered by date.)

New Sesame Street Characters

Julia (2015)

New Sesame Street Characters Julia

Julia is a girl with autism. She shows us that autism isn't a disease, it's just a little bit of difference. She is best friend with Elmo and Abby. Julia is seen for the first time in episode 4715 called "Meet Julia". This new muppet serves a social purpose related to autism.

Nina (2016)

New Sesame Street Characters nina

Nina is a Spanish female character who first appeared in 2016. Nina runs the Sesame Street Bike Store. The new character appeared in episode 4601 called "Bedtime Story". Nina was the babysitter to Elmo and Abby Cadabby in this episode. She is one of the few human characters in the current cast. (2022)

Rudy (2017) 

New Sesame Street Characters rudy

Rudy is Abby Cadabby's stepbrother and first appeared in episode 4731 in 2017. In this episode, Rudy is embarrassed to meet Abby and hides because he is a stepbrother. Abby, Elmo and Rosita look for him on the street... New orange monster character has been cast in many Sesame Street episodes.

Gonger (2017)

New Sesame Street Characters Gonger

Gonger first appeared on Sesame Street in 2017. The pink monster was previously on The Furchester Hotel show since 2014. He was the hotel chef at The Furchester Hotel. He joined Sesame Street as a new muppet character in the "Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck" segment in the 48th season. Gonger appears with the Cookie Monster in this segment.

Gabrielle (2018)

New Sesame Street Characters Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a 6-year-old Sesame Street new character. She first appeared in episode 4812 called "Hair Training". In the episode, Gabrielle and Prairie Dawn try a dance and find that Gabrielle's hair isn't swaying back and forth. This is how things unfold. Gabrielle is an anti-racist muppet.

Tamir (2020)

New Sesame Street Characters Tamir

Tamir is Gabrielle's cousin and he is also an anti-racist muppet. Tamir made his debut as a new Sesame Street character in the 2020 "The Power of We" special. He also appeared in some Sesame Street episodes.

Charlie (2020)

New Sesame Street Characters Charlie

Her real name is Charlotte, but she is called Charlie. Charlie is a 13-year-old (2022) girl and one of Sesame Street's new human characters. Charlie moved to the street with her family in the 50th season. She also appeared in "The Magical Wand Chase" special. Charlie's family is Jewish. 

Tango (2021)

New Sesame Street Characters tango

Tango is one of Sesame Street's new characters and made its debut in 2021. She is Elmo's pet puppy dog. Tango was first an animation character, later created as a muppet. In the "Elmo & Tango's Mysterious Mysteries" segment, she and Elmo solve mysteries.

Ji-Young (2021)

New Sesame Street Characters Ji-Young

Ji-Young is the first muppet from the far east on the show (Korean - American muppet). This new muppet made her debut in the "See Us Coming Together" video. She doesn't appear in episodes yet, but things could change in the future.

Elijah Walker (2021)

New Sesame Street Characters Elijah

Elijah Walker is one of the new muppets of Sesame Street, created against racism. Elijah is Wes' father.

Wes (2021)

New Sesame Street Characters Wes

His real name is Wesley Walker. Wes is 5 years old and Elijah's child. Wes appeared in anti-racist videos with his father.

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