Sesame Street Characters Names and Meanings

Sesame Street is a TV show that has been active since 1969. Many muppets and human characters have been cast on the show over the years. People want to get to know in detail the characters of a series whose historical origins are so old.

Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings

So what are the names of the Sesame Street characters? Do these names have a special meaning for the characters? How is the historical development of character names? In this article, we will try to share all popular Sesame Street characters names and pictures list.

Oscar the Grouch

Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings oscar the grouch

Oscar the Grouch is one of Sesame Street's most grouchy characters. This explains why he was given the title "the Grouch." So why was he named "Oscar"? Jim Henson goes to a restaurant called "Oscar's Tavern" and there is an extremely grumpy and rude waiter. Jim Henson was inspired by this waiter when he created the character of Oscar the Grouch.


Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings Grover

The Grover character was called "Gleep" when he first appeared (1967). He became known as "Fuzzyface" in his first episodes on Sesame Street. The character was finally called "Grover". (1970) I think that's good work, because "fuzzy face" is such a cheesy name, even for a muppet.


Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings Elmo

Elmo was originally an Anything Muppet and had non-specific names like "short red" and "little red". The name Elmo was first used for him in season 11. The German version of Sesame Street used the name "Elma" for him for a while. The word Elmo means helmet in Italian. So, could it be inspired by real human names when naming the character Elmo? There are two strong candidates here: 1. Famous racing driver Elmo Langley 2. Christian saint Saint Elmo.


Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings Zoe

Zoe was first played by Fran Brill. Although it was suggested that the character Zoe be named Frannie because of this, Fran Brill objected. Zoe's name comes from the character Zooey in the book "Franny and Zooey" by J. D. Salinger. Zooey in the book isn't much like Zoe from Sesame Street, but Fran Brill might be a fan of the book in question.

Abby Cadabby

Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings Abby Cadabby

Abby Cadabby is a fairy. The character's name is due to the magic word "abracadabra".


Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings Rosita

Sesame Street character Rosita's full name in Spanish is "Rosita, la Monstrua de las Cuevas". Her surname means "monster of the caves". The character Rosita is named after a close friend of her performer Carmen Osbahr. Sonia Manzano added the name "monster of the caves" to it. So why was she called the monster of the caves? Because Rosita's first design had wings and she resembled a bat. In addition, the name Rosita is mentioned in the Bible as "queen of roses". Because the word "Rosa", which is the source of this name, means "rose" in Spanish.


Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings telly monster

Telly was originally conceived as a TV-obsessed muppet. He even had two antennas on his head. The name Telly comes from the word television.

Ernie and Bert

Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings Ernie and Bert

Where Ernie and Bert's names came from is a controversial issue. A group of fans believe that the names for these two come from the characters Ernie and Bert in "It's a Wonderful Life". That's a very close claim to the truth because the people Bert and Ernie from "It's a Wonderful Life" are physically similar to their namesake from Sesame Street. However, Jim Henson and Sesame Street officials never officially confirmed this claim and said it was a coincidence. I'm closer to the first idea on this. Because replicating the characters in a movie can cause legal problems. And Sesame Street officials may have denied these allegations because they didn't want to lose their two very popular muppets.

Big Bird

Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings Big Bird

Big Bird is a huge bird that cannot fly even though he has wings. I guess there's no need to explain why he's called Big Bird. It's not a mystery.


Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings Snuffy

Mr. Snuffleupagus, or Snuffy's real name, as we learned from his mother, is Aloysius Snuffleupagus. Aloysius means "famous warrior" in German. The character's surname "Snuffleupagus" is fictional. The "Snuffle" in his last name is mean he's talking nasally because he has a trunk. "Upagus", on the other hand, is reminiscent of gigantic animals since it ends with "us" sound. For example, like brontosaurus or hippopotamus...

Count von Count

Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings Count von Count

There are two reasons why this name is given to the character Count von Count, aka The Count. First, the Sesame Street character The Count is known for his resemblance to the famous vampire Count Dracula. Second, the Count is a muppet who is pretty obsessed with counting.

Cookie Monster

Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings Cookie Monster

The name Cookie Monster is due to the character's extreme love for cookies. In fact, he wants to eat everything he sees, not just cookies, but whatever.


Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings Julia

The name of Julia, one of the new characters of Sesame Street, is among the popular names of recent times. The name Julia began to be used in ancient Roman times and means "young" in Latin. The character was created with help from autism rights activist "Julia Bascom". This may have contributed to the character's taking the name Julia.


Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings Ovejita

Sesame Street character Ovejita is a lamb who speaks Spanish as well as English. The word Ovejita is a Spanish word meaning "little lamb". This Spanish name was given to Ovejita because he is a muppet who puts Spanish to the fore.

Two-Headed Monster

Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings two headed monster

The name of the Two-Headed Monster character is due to the fact that he has two heads, as can be seen from the picture. No more words needed.

The Martians

Sesame Street Character Names and Meanings the martians

They want to learn something about our world. With their curiosity, funny sketches emerge. They are our visitors from Mars. That's why this Sesame Street characters are commonly called "Martians".

In this article, I tried to give you information about the Sesame Street character names. As you can see, most muppet characters have an interesting side to their names.


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    Big Bird is called Big Bird because he is a large bird.

    Cookie Monster’s name comes from the fact that he is a monster that likes cookies.

    The name Two-Headed Monster was chosen because it’s a monster with two heads.

    The Martians are called Martians because they’re from Mars.

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    1. Cookie monster's name is Sid for those whom didn't know.

  4. Big birds name is roy
    And sid is cookie monsters real name but every one still calles them big bird and cookie monster even tho they've clearly stated these two names aren't their preferred names but sid and roy are their preferred names