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Sesame Street Characters (Muppets)

Here are the favorite characters of Sesame Street in order of popularity. Ranking is based on internet search results in the USA:

26. Gonger:

Sesame Street Characters Gonger

Gonger joined the cast in the 48th season after previously appearing in The Furchester Hotel. He works with Cookie Monster in the "Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck" segment, taking food orders from children. The character of Gonger is performed by Warrick Brownlow-Pike.

25. Curly Bear:

Sesame Street Characters Curly Bear

She first appeared on Sesame Street in season 34. She is Baby Bear's sister. Curly Bear, unlike other bears in the family, does not like porridge. But she's definitely one of the cutest characters on Sesame Street.

24. Dorothy:

Sesame Street Characters Dorothy

Dorothy isn't actually a muppet character. But she should have been added to that list. Because she is a character we know from Elmo's World series. Dorothy has a great imagination and can imagine Elmo as a different character each time. An excellent talent.

23. Baby Bear:

Sesame Street Characters Baby Bear

Baby Bear appears on Sesame Street in the 1990s. This sweet bear can't pronounce R sounds correctly. As an art-loving bear and the older brother of Curly Bear, he made it to this list.

22. Prairie Dawn:

Sesame Street Characters Prairie Dawn

Prairie Dawn is one of the oldest characters on the show, having appeared on Sesame Street since season 2. Luckily, as a Muppet, she doesn't age, which is a stroke of good luck for her. Prairie Dawn is known for writing and directing plays for her schoolmates in the Classic Sesame Street episodes. In the "Letter of the Day" episodes in seasons 33 and 35, she tries to stop Cookie Monster from eating the letter of the day, but of course, she never succeeds.

21. Rocco:

Sesame Street Characters Rocco

Rocco is a rock, but not just any rock - he's Zoe's beloved pet rock. Zoe is convinced that Rocco can talk and even has a life of his own. Elmo often reminds Zoe that Rocco is just a rock, but Zoe remains steadfast in her belief. In one episode, Cookie Monster almost mistook Rocco for a cookie and nearly ate him! Poor Rocco, he always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

20. Rudy:

Sesame Street Characters Rudy

Rudy is a cute, orange-colored monster with small horns who made his first appearance on Sesame Street in season 47. He is Abby Cadabby's stepbrother and quickly became a beloved character among fans. In his debut episode, "Hello Rudy" (4731), Rudy meets many of the Sesame Street residents for the first time and starts to explore the neighborhood. He's known for his energetic and adventurous personality, and often joins his step-sister Abby in her magical adventures. Despite his mischievous streak, Rudy always tries to do the right thing and help his friends.

19. Two-Headed Monster:

Sesame Street Characters Two-Headed Monster

"What would it be like to have two heads? One head saying 'We have to go right,' while the other argues, 'No, you idiot, we're going left!' The Two-Headed Monster often appears behind a wall, as the puppeteers performing it are in a tricky situation. This character frequently demonstrates the meaning of words on Sesame Street."

18. Julia:

Sesame Street Characters Julia

Julia is undoubtedly one of Sesame Street's most meaningful characters. She is a close friend of Elmo and Abby and is a girl with autism. She shows us that autism isn't a disease, it's just a little bit different. Julia is seen for the first time in episode 4715, "Meet Julia", and she has a toy bunny that she loves very much. You are amazing Julia and we are always with you!

17. Rosita:

Sesame Street Characters Rosita

Hola :) Rosita is a turquoise monster and she joined us from Mexico. Rosita, who also speaks English, is a character on Sesame Street who taught us Spanish and made us love Spanish. She presents the Spanish Word of the day. She likes to play the guitar. Rosita's Abuela is another well-known and loved character along with her.

16. Rubber Duckie:

Sesame Street Characters Rubber Duckie

Rubber Duckie is Ernie's toy duck. It is often the main theme in Ernie's songs and is more than just an ordinary toy; it's his friend. However, it isn't as close a friend as Bert is. As the famous Sesame Street song goes: 'Oh, Rubber Ducky, you're the one. You make bath time lots of fun...' la la la laaaaaaa :)

15. Mr. Snuffleupagus:

Sesame Street Characters Mr. Snuffleupagus

His friends call him Snuffy. He has been a part of the Sesame Street character cast since Season 3 and gets along well with Big Bird. In the early seasons of the show, he was known by the human characters as an imaginary friend of Big Bird's. It wasn't until season 17 that Snuffy met adults for the first time, proving that he wasn't just a figment of Big Bird's imagination. Snuffy's giant body requires two puppeteers to operate. We're glad to have you with us, big friend!

14. Telly Monster:

Sesame Street Characters Telly Monster

Telly takes his name from the word 'television.' He was originally conceived as a monster addicted to TV. However, this was deemed pedagogically wrong and the character was changed. Telly gained popularity when Caroll Spinney, the performer for Big Bird, injured his foot and was unable to appear in the series. Telly is a Muppet who loves triangles and is often portrayed as insecure and anxious. He owns a hamster named Chuckie Sue. Telly's enthusiastic demeanor is really endearing!

13. Murray Monster:

Sesame Street Characters Murray Monster

Murray was initially referred to as the 'Orange Monster' on the show. He hosted the 'What's the Word on the Street' segment and also appeared in the segment 'Murray Has a Little Lamb' with his lamb named Ovejita. With changes to the show's format after 2015, he moved away from the active Muppet cast of the series. We miss you, Murray. Maybe one day you will rejoin us. :(

12. Zoe:

Sesame Street Characters Zoe

Zoe is another orange monster from Sesame Street and has been a part of the cast since season 25. She loves ballet and dancing and is sometimes seen wearing a tutu. Zoe has an imaginary friendship with her rock named Rocco. She is an idol for preschool girls who love to dance and move.

11. Guy Smiley:

Sesame Street Characters Guy Smiley

Guy Smiley is known for hosting game shows on Sesame Street. He is orange-gold in color and is one of the oldest characters in the series, having first appeared in 1969. Some of the shows he has hosted include: 'What's My Part?', 'Beat the Time', 'Name That Sound!', 'The Mr. and Mrs. Game', 'The Matching Game', 'Double Get Wordy', 'Hurry Up! You're Running Out of Time!', 'The Big Trip', 'Estimation Vacation', 'The Waiting Game', 'Make it Fit', and 'What's My Job?' It's always a pleasure to watch your shows, Guy!

10. Count von Count:

Sesame Street Characters Count von Count

Normally, we're all afraid of vampires, but this vampire is so cute that he's changed the way we look at them. Count von Count, also known as The Count, was introduced to the series in season 4. Unlike other vampires, he doesn't want blood; he just wants to count things constantly. Counting has become an obsession for him. While Sesame Street never officially confirms that he's a vampire, it's clear that he has some vampiric traits. One key difference is that he loves sunlight - after all, no one would want The Count to evaporate!

9. Abby Cadabby:

Sesame Street Characters Abby Cadabby

Abby Cadabby was added to the series in the 37th season. Her name comes from the word "abracadabra" used to perform magic. She gained popularity with the shows "Abby's Flying Fairy School" and "Abby's Amazing Adventures". Sometimes his spells caused problems and he struggled to restore everything. Some fans say that Abby is Elmo's girlfriend. Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus, Zippity-zap!

8. Grover:

Sesame Street Characters Grover

Another classic character of the street and has been on the scene since 1970. Grover has a versatile personality: Waiter Grover, Super Grover, Global Grover, Marshal Grover... Grover was very close friends with Kermit when he was cast. The main reasons kids love him are because of his amazing imagination and always helping someone.

7. Bert:

Sesame Street Characters Bert

One of the most serious characters in the series. Ernie is his best friend. Bert has a very serious personality. Ernie, on the other hand, is the opposite of him, he is playful and always wants to have fun. The character clash between these two characters enables the development of funny events. His favorite motto is: Life is hard with Ernie, but life is harder without him.

6. Ernie:

Sesame Street Characters Ernie

One of the most entertaining and humorous characters of the series. Ernie is Bert's best friend and also his roommate. When Bert is busy with something, Ernie always tries to seduce him. When Bert wants to sleep, he doesn't let him sleep, but then Ernie sleeps. You know, sometimes we like to gently tease a dear friend. That's the instinct in Ernie's behavior. Ernie also likes Rubber Duckie and sings songs for him.

5. Oscar the Grouch:

Sesame Street Characters Oscar the Grouch

The right word to describe him would be extraordinary. Oscar the Grouch lives in a trash can and never complains about it: because he loves trash. As you can see from his name, he has a grumpy personality. He and the grouch named Grundgetta became engaged but stopped planning to get married because they were afraid of being happy. Oscar also states that he doesn't like Telly and Elmo. He's like a grumpy old man and it's impossible to please him!

4. Big Bird:

Sesame Street Characters Big Bird

Big Bird is a big yellow bird. He has been in the series since the first episode. He is usually a muppet prone to misunderstandings. However, he does not complain about this situation. Because he accepts himself as he is and is at peace with himself. Definitely a good role model for kids! Its creator, Jim Henson, died in 1990.

3. Cookie Monster:

Sesame Street Characters Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster is the always-hungry character of the street. He loves cookies, but not just any cookies. He has been known to eat letters, numbers, and even once tried to eat a rock. He makes a lot of noise while eating. Early in the series, his name was Alistair Cookie. Cookie Monster is one of Sesame Street's most popular characters. However, it would be better if he had a slightly healthier diet.

2. Kermit the Frog:

Sesame Street Characters Kermit the Frog

Kermit the Frog is one of the old muppet characters of the series. He was the host of Sesame Street News Flash. And he sang the classic song "Being Green". Sesame Street didn't own all the rights to it. Therefore, he did not become a permanent muppet on the street. Still, it was necessary to add the old friend to this list.

1. elmo:

Sesame Street Characters elmo

He is number one on the list. Speaking in third person, Elmo is the most popular muppet character in the series. Kevin Clash contributed a lot in making him loved so much. After Clash, Ryan Dillon picked up where he left off. Elmo even has a show called "The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo" that he currently hosts himself. "Elmo's World" series is still an important segment for children with its old and new versions. He also starred in "Elmo the Musical". It's hard to fit its popularity into the list here. After all, you all know him well.

Sesame Street Human Characters - Sesame Street Cast

We've compiled a list of the human characters of Sesame Street. Some characters on the list are not currently in active casting; however, we included them because they deserve respect. The list is in random order.

18. Mando:

Sesame Street Human Characters Mando

Played by Ismael Crúz Cordova, Mando appeared in seasons 44 and 45. It was first added to the cast in episode 4404. This episode was about the Latin Festival and the Puerto Rico booth hosted by Mando.

17. Mr. Hooper (1969 - 1983)

Sesame Street Human Characters Mr. Hooper

Several generations grew up with him. He owned the candy store Hooper's Store. His real name was Will Lee. Will Lee died in 1982. He said goodbye to the street in the 1839th episode. In order for Mr. Hooper's death to not traumatize the children, it was explained in the following episodes that death and mourning are a natural flow of life. We miss you Mr. Hooper.

16. Gabi - Gabriela Rodriguez (1989 - 2013)

Sesame Street Human Characters Gabi

Her real name is Desiree Casado. Gabi is the daughter of Maria and Luis. She was born on Sesame Street in season 20. She was not included in the cast of the series after the 43rd season.

15. Bob - Bob Johnson (1969 - 2017)

Sesame Street Human Characters Bob

His real name is Bob McGrath. He is one of the human characters in the casting of the series for the longest time. Bob is a music teacher on Sesame Street. He acted as a teacher for the Muppet characters. He took part in the 50th anniversary celebration but isn't in the current cast.

14. Chris - Chris Robinson (2007 - ?)

Sesame Street Human Characters Chris

The character of Chris is played by Chris Knowings. Chris has been in the cast of the series starting from season 38 to the present day. Because of the Muppets' pranks, he often tries to deal with problems that he has to solve. He is also Gordon and Susan's nephew.

13. Leela (2008 - 2015)

Sesame Street Human Characters Leela

Leela is a woman of Indian descent. She is portrayed by Nitya Vidyasagar. Leela works in a laundromat in the series. She was a very popular character in the seasons she was in the casting. She also took part in Sesame Street's 50th anniversary celebration.

12. Susan - Susan Robinson (1969 - 2017)

Sesame Street Human Characters Susan

Loretta Long played the character of Susan on Sesame Street. Susan was a prominent character on the show, who worked at the Fix-It Shop and often acted as a mediator among the Muppet characters. She was part of the cast from the show's early years until the 45th season.

11. Nina (2016 - ?)

Sesame Street Human Characters Nina

The character is played by Suki Lopez. Nina owns a bike store on Sesame Street. She is Spanish. She is bilingual and highly intelligent. She solves the problems faced by muppets with her intelligence. She is one of the few human characters in the current cast (as of 2022).

10. David (1971 - 1989)

Sesame Street Human Characters David

David was a cheerful and singing character who worked at Hooper's Store for a while and later took over the store after Mr. Hooper's death. He and Maria were lovers for a while, but Maria eventually married Luis. David's last name was never mentioned on the show. Northern Calloway, who played the character, died two years after leaving the cast. He will always be remembered with respect for his contributions to Sesame Street.

9. Luis - Luis Rodriguez (1971 - 2017)

Sesame Street Human Characters Luis

Luis was a Mexican-American character on Sesame Street. He married Maria and they had a child named Gabi. He was mostly involved in repair and maintenance work. Emilio Delgado played the character of Luis on Sesame Street for over four decades, from 1971 to 2021, before his retirement.

8. Gina - Gina Jefferson (1986 - 2017)

Sesame Street Human Characters Gina

She initially worked at Hooper's Store, then at a nursery and eventually at her own veterinary clinic. The character of Gina was originally thought of for only 1 episode in the casting. However, she later found a permanent place for himself. Gina was played by Alison Bartlett-O'Reilly.

7. Mr. Noodle (1998 - ?)

Sesame Street Human Characters Mr. Noodle

Mr. Noodle appeared in the series with Elmo's World segment. Mr. Noodle never speaks but uses body language well. Elmo always turns to Mr. Noodle when he's helpless with Dorothy's questions. He usually finds the right answer after several failed and foolish attempts. Mr. Noodle was successfully played by Bill Irwin.

6. Charlie - Charlotte (2020 - ?)

Sesame Street Human Characters Charlie

She is a 7-year-old girl (2022). Charlie moved to the street with her family in the 50th season. She also appeared in "The Magical Wand Chase" and in audience footage of The Not-Too-Late show. The character of Charlie is played by Violet Tinnirello. Charlie is one of five human characters in the current cast of the series. She is very talented and will become even more talented over time.

5. Linda (1971 - 2002)

Sesame Street Human Characters Linda

Linda was a deaf character. She used American Sign Language to communicate. Through Linda, it was aimed to draw attention to the problems faced by deaf people. She was the librarian on Sesame Street. She and Bob were emotionally close to each other. Linda was played by Linda Bove.

4. Gordon - Gordon Robinson (1969 - 2017)

Sesame Street Human Characters Gordon

Another of the most important human characters in the casting of the series is Gordon. I am still waiting for him to come out of a corner and come back to the street. Gordon is married to Susan and they have adopted a child named Miles. Gordon is a father model with a mature character. He created a positive father figure for children watching the series. He was played by Matt Robinson and Hal Miller in the first seasons of the series, and was played by Roscoe Orman starting in season 6. I was a fan of Roscoe Orman's "Gordon", I miss him...

3. Miles - Miles Robinson (1985 - 2008)

Sesame Street Human Characters Miles

Miles is the adopted child of Susan and Gordon. Miles represented the younger generation in the series. He graduated from high school at the same time as Gabi and worked with Alan for a while at Hooper's Store.

2. Maria - Maria Rodriguez (1971 - 2015)

Sesame Street Human Characters Maria

Maria is a female character of Puerto Rican descent. Maria would solve problems between muppet characters. She married another important name of the show, Luis. When Maria became pregnant, this was handled as a story in the episodes of the series. They had a son named Gabi and Gabi became one of the main women of the show. Maria was played by Sonia Manzano.

1. Alan (1998 - ?)

Sesame Street Human Characters Alan

He's still in the show's current cast. (2022) Alan is a character of Japanese descent. After Mr. Hooper's death, Hooper's Store was temporarily owned by Mr. Handford and David. After them Alan took over Hooper's Store. Chris is currently her assistant. Another feature of Alan is that he represents the people of the Far East in the show. Alan was played by Alan Muraoka.

Autistic Sesame Street Character

Julia is an autistic character on Sesame Street. She is a 4-year-old muppet with green eyes and orange hair. Autism is a genetic condition that typically presents in the first three years of life and lasts for a lifetime. People with autism often have difficulty with social interaction and communication, and it's important to avoid stigmatizing or isolating them, as this can hinder their personal development.

Autistic Sesame Street Character Julia. 1

Here, Julia is a character created on Sesame Street to raise awareness of this problem. The character is performed by Stacey Gordon, whose son has autism.

Autistic Sesame Street Character Julia. 2

Sesame Street has always given importance to community education. In the past, the deaf human character Linda was created with a similar purpose to Julia. Another purpose of the character's creators is that she is not called "autistic Julia" but just Julia. Thus, it is intended to convey the message that an autistic person is not much different from others.

Autistic Sesame Street Character Julia. 3

Julia was first introduced in 2015 but made her first appearance in Sesame Street season 47, episode 4715. This episode was called Meet Julia.

Here's the story of Julia in episode 4715: Julia, Abby and Elmo painting out in the arbor. Alan is with them. Big Bird greets Julia but gets no response from her. Julia is painting the cute toy bunny Fluffster. Big Bird wants to congratulate him on his work, but Julia panics and walks away, flapping her arms.

Autistic Sesame Street Character Julia. 4

Big Bird is upset about this and thinks Julia doesn't like him. Alan explains that this is not true what Big Bird thinks, Julia has autism and may act differently.

Autistic Sesame Street Character Julia. 5

At the end of the episode, Big Bird and Julia become good friends, and Big Bird introduces his toy, Radar, to Julia.

Autistic Sesame Street Character Julia. 6

Original Sesame Street Characters

Who were the original Sesame Street characters? To answer the question of who are the original Sesame Street characters, we will now travel back in time with you to 1969.

Original Sesame Street Human Characters:

6. Gordon:

Original Sesame Street Characters Gordon

Three people played the character of Gordon throughout the series. The character of Gordon was first played by Matt Robinson in 1969. Matt was in the cast until 1972.

5. Susan:

Original Sesame Street Characters Susan

Gordon's wife, Susan Robinson, was also a human character in the cast in the first season of the series. (Loretta Long)

4. Mr. Hooper:

Original Sesame Street Characters Mr. Hooper

Mr. Hooper was running the candy store Hooper's Store in season 1. (Will Lee)

3. Bob:

Original Sesame Street Characters Bob

Music teacher Bob Johnson was another character featured in the original cast in 1969. (Bob McGrath)

2. Jennie:

Original Sesame Street Characters Jennie

Jennie only appeared in the first season of the show, but she was also in the original casting. She would draw pictures and play guessing games with the children. (Jada Rowland)

1. Buddy and Jim:

Original Sesame Street Characters Buddy and Jim

Buddy and Jim appeared together in their segment. They only appeared in the show's cast in the first season. Buddy and Jim were a comedy duo using simple elements. For example, when trying to nail a wall to hang a picture, after unsuccessful attempts, they did not like the picture they wanted to hang on the wall. Or they worked to get an ironing board through the door to move it to the other room. Buddy and Jim are therefore similar to Mr. Noodle in the Elmo's World segment. Buddy was played by Brandon Maggart and Jim by James Catusi. 

Original Sesame Street Muppet Characters:


Original Sesame Street Characters Bert


Original Sesame Street Characters Ernie

Big Bird:

Original Sesame Street Characters Big Bird

Oscar the Grouch:

Original Sesame Street Characters Oscar the Grouch


Original Sesame Street Characters Grover

Cookie Monster:

Original Sesame Street Characters Cookie Monster

Kermit the Frog:

Original Sesame Street Characters Kermit the Frog

Anything Muppets:

Original Sesame Street Characters Anything Muppets

Beautiful Day Monster:

Original Sesame Street Characters Beautiful Day Monster

Guy Smiley:

Original Sesame Street Characters Guy Smiley

Roosevelt Franklin and Roosevelt Franklin's Mother:

Original Sesame Street Characters Roosevelt Franklin and Roosevelt Franklin's Mother


Original Sesame Street Characters Jack

Betty Lou:

Original Sesame Street Characters Betty Lou

Professor Hastings:

Original Sesame Street Characters Professor Hastings

Lefty the Salesman:

Original Sesame Street Characters Lefty the Salesman


Original Sesame Street Characters Fred

Taminella Grinderfall:

Original Sesame Street Characters Taminella Grinderfall

Granny Bird:

Original Sesame Street Characters Granny Bird

Granny Fanny Nesselrode:

Original Sesame Street Characters Granny Fanny Nesselrode

Baskerville the Hound:

Original Sesame Street Characters Baskerville the Hound

Other than that, the original muppet characters from Sesame Street are: Scudge, Splurge, Fred's son, Sour Bird, Flute-Snatcher, the Snerfs, Thudge, Big V, Hippie, Rufus, Little Bird, Snerk, Tony.  

Orange Sesame Street Characters

It is possible to see muppet characters of all colors on Sesame Street. Because the creators of the show love multicolor. It is aimed to prepare children for a world where there is a lot of diversity. Orange color has been used in many muppet characters from past to present.

Orange is the warmest color after red. Orange is an exciting, happy and dynamic color. So who are the popular orange muppets on Sesame Street and what are their names? Then let's get started.

4. Murray:

Orange Sesame Street Characters Murray

Murray Monster is described as an "energetic monster" in some sources. He was known as the "Orange Monster" when he joined the cast of the show in 2005. The energy of the orange color is evident in Murray.

3. Ernie:

Orange Sesame Street Characters Ernie

One of the show's classic muppets, Ernie is an orange Sesame Street character. All the effects of the color orange are seen in the character: he is playful, funny and always likes to move. Bert is usually a quiet muppet. Ernie leads him into action and an active lifestyle.

Orange Sesame Street Characters Ernie. 1

2. Rudy:

Orange Sesame Street Characters Rudy

Another orange muppet of the show is Rudy. Rudy's historical origins don't go far back. He was included in the series in the 47th season. Rudy made an animated appearance in the "Abby's Amazing Adventures" segment. It is possible to see the positive effects of the color orange in Rudy: a self-confident personality who loves humor, adventure and exploration.

Orange Sesame Street Characters Rudy. 1

1. Zoe:

Orange Sesame Street Characters Zoe

The last character in orange color that I will present to you is Zoe. It is said that Zoe was designed in orange to complement Elmo. This is partially true, but not entirely true. In fact, the color orange was chosen because it reflects the movement-loving and dynamic features of the character. We see the dynamism-enhancing effects of the orange color in Zoe. Zoe loves to dance and act. That's why she appeared in the "dancing" and "jumping" episodes of the "Elmo's World" series.

Orange Sesame Street Characters Zoe. 1

Female Sesame Street Characters

Sesame Street has many female characters. These female characters are confident, talented and very cute. We can divide these characters into two as muppet and human. Human female characters often guide the muppet children and try to find solutions for the problems faced by the muppets. We tried to list the Sesame Street female characters for you below. Muppets are first on the list, then humans.


Female Sesame Street Characters Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a 6-year-old girl who first appeared on the show in 2018.


Female Sesame Street Characters Grundgetta

Grundgetta is one of the old characters that has appeared on Sesame Street from season 11 until today. She is the girlfriend of Oscar the Grouch and they got engaged in season 28. But they did not want to get married because they were afraid of being happy.

Curly Bear:

Female Sesame Street Characters Curly Bear

Curly Bear are the daughters of the bear family on the show. She is also Baby Bear's sister.


Female Sesame Street Characters Goldilocks

Goldilocks is a lavender colored female muppet.

Prairie Dawn:

Female Sesame Street Characters Prairie Dawn

Prairie Dawn is a 6-year-old pink muppet. He has been appearing in the series since season 2.


Female Sesame Street Characters Segi

Segi, who was added to the cast in 2010, appeared in some episodes, although not very often. She debuted with the song "I Love My Hair". Due to the resemblance to the character of Gabrielle, it is sometimes possible to confuse them.


Female Sesame Street Characters Rosita

Rosita is a turquoise, bilingual 5-year-old muppet. She can speak English and Spanish and sometimes introduces Spanish words.

Granny Bird:

Female Sesame Street Characters Granny Bird

Granny Bird has been in the muppet cast since season 1 and is Big Bird's paternal grandmother.


Female Sesame Street Characters Zoe

Zoe is a 3 year old orange muppet. She is a character who loves to dance.


Female Sesame Street Characters Mae

Mae is the mother of the popular muppet Elmo.


Female Sesame Street Characters Ovejita

Ovejita is a female lamb. She often appeared with Murray in segments. She knows Spanish.

Abby Cadabby:

Female Sesame Street Characters Abby Cadabby

Abby Cadabby is the fairy girl from Sesame Street. She likes to do magic.

Maggie Cadabby:

Female Sesame Street Characters Maggie Cadabby

Maggie Cadabby is Abby's mother.

Rosita's Abuela:

Female Sesame Street Characters Rosita's Abuela

Rosita's Abuela is Rosita's grandmother. She is the oldest muppet on the street and wears cute glasses.


Female Sesame Street Characters Fluffy

Fluffy is the elephant of Oscar the Gouch. Fluffy, like Oscar, lives in a trash can and only her trunk is visible.

Miss Fortune:

Female Sesame Street Characters Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a cookie featured in the "Smart Cookies" segment. She gives the team clues to catch the criminals.

Gladys the Cow:

Female Sesame Street Characters Gladys the Cow

Gladys the Cow is a cow who has been on the show's cast since season 4.


Female Sesame Street Characters Julia

Julia is a 4-year-old muppet created to raise awareness about autism.

Mother Goose:

Female Sesame Street Characters Mother Goose

Mother Goose has rarely appeared on the show. Kate McKinnon, Tina Fey, Samantha Bee are some of the famous stars who played Mother Goose.


Female Sesame Street Characters Gabi


Female Sesame Street Characters Leela


Female Sesame Street Characters Susan


Female Sesame Street Characters Nina


Female Sesame Street Characters Gina


Female Sesame Street Characters Charlie

Mr. Noodle's Sisters:

Female Sesame Street Characters Mr. Noodle's Sister


Female Sesame Street Characters Maria

Blue Sesame Street Characters

The Sesame Street blue characters are actually outnumbered. Here we will only consider popular blue characters. By the way, it is necessary to mention the psychological effects of the color blue. Blue is a color that reduces stress and gives confidence and peace. But the blue characters in Sesame Street are often marginal. Many muppets of varying colors have appeared and disappeared from the show over time. Blue muppets, on the other hand, continued their popularity with their unusual features and some obsessions. Then now is the time to get to know them.

4. Herry Monster

Blue Sesame Street Characters Herry Monster

4th on the list is Herry Monster, who has been in the series since 1970. Even Herry Monster's nose was blue before. He later got a purple nose resembling an eggplant. The Big Bad Wolf muppet was also made using Herry's template. Although Herry Monster always looks sullen, he is actually a very sweet muppet.

3. Mr. Johnson

Blue Sesame Street Characters Mr. Johnson

Next on the blue muppets list is Mr. Johnson. Although Mr. Johnson is not a very popular muppet, he has appeared in the series periodically since 1971. He was most loved for his role in sketches with Garson Grover. Mr. Johnson was also a glutton like the Cookie Monster, which is why he was sometimes called the fat blue. Mr. Johnson is actually a quiet guy, but Grover always manages to piss him off with his clumsiness.

2. Grover 

Grover is a popular blue character appearing in the series since 1970. The original Grover wasn't blue unfortunately, it had a terrible color as if it had come out of the garbage. Grover is one of the most active characters in the show in my opinion. Because we see that it does not always come to the forefront in a single aspect.

Blue Sesame Street Characters Grover

During the years that Kermit the Frog appeared on Sesame Street, his best friend was Grover. In skits with Mr. Johnson, Grover is seen as a waiter. His name was "Global Grover" when he introduced us to different countries and cultures in the world in the early 2000s. He also took on the Superman-like "Super Grover" character (with the natural advantage of being blue in colour). It should be added that he played the role of Marshal Grover and is an active character in the Monsterpiece Theater segment. 

Blue Sesame Street Characters Grover. 1

Here are the reasons why he is, in my opinion, Sesame Street's most active muppet. However, we can also state that he ruined every job he handled with his clumsiness. Maybe that's why he's such a popular muppet?

1. Cookie Monster

The #1 most popular blue Sesame Street character is definitely Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster is known for eating cookies with a loud noise and splashing pieces of it. He presented the "Letter of the Day" segment with Prairie Dawn. Prairie wanted to keep him from eating the letter of the day. Prairie wasn't very successful, however, because Cookie Monster had a strong urge when it came to cookies. 

Blue Sesame Street Characters Cookie Monster

He appeared in the "Cookie's Crumby Pictures" segment in seasons 44 and 45. Cookie Monster appeared in these segments with an adaptation of famous movies (for example: 0007 James Bond, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Karate Kid, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, etc.). After that, Cookie Monster performed in the Smart Cookies and Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck segments.

Blue Sesame Street Characters Cookie Monster. 1

Kids love him and the way he eats cookies. Probably because children identify with his character. When we were kids, we all had the urge to eat sneaky little snacks even if we weren't allowed.


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