Sesame Street Episode 4261 - The Shape O Bots

Sesame Street Episode 4261
The Shape O Bots
Season 42
Andy Samberg and Johnny Galecki visit Sesame Street.

What’s the Word on the Street? : Transform

SCENES: While Chris is sweeping the arbor, Elmo Rosita and Telly come in wearing robot outfits. Chris is assuming, that they are playing the Help-O-Bots again, but instead, they’re the “Shape-O-Bots”. They are robots who can transform into different shapes. Chris pretends that he is a robot and forms a circle with his arms. Telly wants to show him the real power of those costumes and transforms into a triangle before his eyes. Then they sing their theme song and hope that someone needs a shape.

Sesame Street 4261

A man named Andy tells them, that he needs an octagon because the one he used to have at the tip of his pole prevented anyone from crashing into him. Now, he just gets trampled over. Telly again transforms into a triangle and they both end up getting trampled over. Then, Rosita forms into the right shape and no one runs him over anymore. He thanks them and leaves.

Sesame Street 4261

Just as the Shape-O-Bots try to think of people who need a shape, Andy arrives again, this time claiming that he is a baseball coach, and needs a pentagon because his losing team doesn’t have a home plate. While Telly transforms into a triangle AGAIN, Elmo tries out his costume and successfully transforms into a pentagon. Andy again thanks to them and runs off once again.

Sesame Street 4261

Andy arrives again, this time with a mustache, claiming that the king of diamonds thinks he stole the diamond from his playing card. Telly once again transforms into a triangle, but this time, they need a rhombus, which is made out of two triangles. So Telly presses two buttons and transforms into a rhombus. The king is pleased about having his rhombus back and walks off. Andy thanks them again and Chris takes the monsters out for pizza.

Celebrities: Johnny Galecki and Abby explain the word transform.

Sesame Street 4261

MuppetsMurray announces that Abby’s Flying Fairy School is coming up, but first, he finds out more about bridges.

CartoonA Page tries to make a way for Queen Quagmire, but a duck gets in his way.

MuppetsMurray and a group of girls introduce Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

AnimationBloggs dirty old sock comes alive, causing the classroom to get dirty including Abby. They try to wash the sock, but that’s not very easy. Then, they finally made it and next, they have to clean the classroom.

Sesame Street 4261

MuppetsMurray teases Super Grover 2.0 and the kids try out their self-made bridges.

FilmA man makes a puzzle of an 18.

MuppetsMurray and Jenia introduce Super Grover 2.0

MuppetsA ring gets lost in the sand at a beach and Super Grover 2.0 arrives to find it. He uses a sift to get it out from the sand after he used a bagel and some swiss cheese to find it.

Sesame Street 4261

MuppetsElmo’s World is coming up, but first, they do some experiments with bridges.

MuppetsThe Two-Headed Monster has to form a rectangle and each of them shows a triangle and they learn that, when put together, it’s a rectangle.

Sesame Street 4261

MuppetsMurray and the kids introduce Elmo’s World.

Elmo’s World: Cameras

Sesame Street 4261

MuppetsMurray announces the sponsors and signs off. Sesame Street Episode 4261 ends.

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