Sesame Street Episode 4262 - The Latinization of Marco

Sesame Street Episode 4262
The Latinization of Marco
Season 42

SofĂ­a Vergara and Juanes visit Sesame Street.

What’s the Word on the Street?: Baile

SCENES: Rosita welcomes the viewer when she notices Gina making animal sounds behind her. She finds out, that Gina is teaching Marco animal names in Spanish using a book. Gina says that, because Marco was born in Guatemala, she wants him to know the Spanish language better. 

Rosita thinks he has to learn even more. She runs off and comes back with her guitarra and plays a bit for them. Rosita shows them, even more instruments like claves or maracas and the bongos. She’s introducing the word musica and sings about the word.

Next, Rosita teaches them the word “bailes” which means “dance”. Gina and Marco do their own dance and Rosita shows them some Latin dances like the tango or the conga. Then she sings a song about some other Latin dances.

Rosita then shows them some Spanish food (comida) and Spanish dishes. The Chef wants Gina to eat all of the food they cooked but Gina thinks it’s too much for her and Marco. Rosita tells her, that the food is best shared and tells us about the word Fiesta. All their friends gather and sing about the word Amigo.

Celebrities: Sofia Vergara and Elmo explain what the word baile means.

MuppetsMurray announces that Abby’s Flying Fairy School is coming up, but first, it’s time for the letter of the day, which is I.

AnimationTraction Jackson and Kayla sing about the different I – words that could be on a burned-out billboard.

MuppetsMurray, Holden, and Zoey introduce Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

AnimationBlogg wants a bigger lunch because he thinks that he is too small. He conjures Pandoras lunch box and Gonnigan accidentally opens it up and all the food comes out. They try to put all the food back in their places and Pandora even offers some of her food when she grabs her lunch box.

FilmPilobolus forms an octagon.

MuppetsSuper Grover 2.0 is coming up, but first, Magic Murray shows us a trick.

CartoonNine Spanish Dancers

MuppetsMurray and Jennabelle introduce Super Grover 2.0

Muppets: Super Grover 2.0 saves two little piggies that are stranded in a swamp.

MuppetsBefore “Elmo’s World” is coming up, Murray starts a game of “What’s Missing?”.

CelebritiesJuanes and friends sing “Muevete”

MuppetsMurray and the kids introduce “Elmo’s World.”

Elmo’s World: Getting Dressed

MuppetsMurray announces the sponsors and signs off. Sesame Street Episode 4262 ends.

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