Sesame Street Episode 4260 - Observe, Record, Annoy

Sesame Street Episode 4260
Observe, Record, Annoy
Season 42
Jerry O'Connell visits Sesame Street.

What’s the word on the street? : Observe

SCENES: Gordon welcomes the viewer while delivering some trash to Oscar at night. When Gordon arrives, he sees Oscar sitting at his laptop, about to take an online course in Groucheology from Putrid University. He gets his first question, which is: What do worms like to squirm on best? To find the answer, Oscar must set up an experiment while following three simple rules: observe the worms, record them, and most importantly, he must annoy someone in the process of doing it. So he goes off to experiment.

Sesame Street 4260

At Hopper’s, Alan is closing up the shop, when Oscar appears to do his experiment. He covers the clean counter with coffee and Olive Oil and Alan lets him go with it. Oscar watches as one of the worms goes squirming in the coffee but all the other ones in the olive oil. He records it on his notepad and leaves.

Sesame Street 4260

He tells professor Messla what he found and concludes, that worms like to squirm in olive oil the best. Messla is impressed and provides him with his next investigation: What stinky smell will make people scram?

Oscar watches as Leela and Gina play checkers. He wafts the smell of a stinky onion and old cheese in their way but they don’t react. Then, he takes out his secret weapon – his stinky socks which makes them go away.

Sesame Street 4260

Oscar talks to Messla again, who provides Oscar his final question – which sound is loud enough to wake up Luis and Maria. Oscar has an idea and leaves again.

Oscar goes into Luis and Maria’s bedroom and starts rattling with cans. It wakes up Maria but not Luis so he starts a “Grouch vuvuzela solo” which again only wakes up maria. She yells at him so loudly that Luis wakes up. Oscar records everything on his notepad and leaves off again, leaving Luis and Maria confused.

Sesame Street 4260

Oscar now receives his B.O. degree in Grouchology. They all have a loud annoying celebration.

MuppetsJerry O’Connell observes a pie that Murray baked for him.

Sesame Street 4260

MuppetsMurray is excited for Abby’s Flying Fairy School when he suddenly hears a thunder but he doesn’t have an umbrella with him, so he wants to make one himself.

MuppetsThe G Club is preparing for the G-Gionals and sings a short song about the guh sound in the G.

Muppets: Murray and Segi introduce Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

Animation: Today is the day, on which the school pictures get taken but Gonnigal has a bad hair day so he uses “Rapunzel Brand Hair Gel” and although his hair makes a good expression at first, they grow uncontrollably and get a hold onto everyone so they have to get rid of the hair. They try several things but then, a magic barber cuts his hair to their normal size again.

Sesame Street 4260

MuppetsSuper Grover 2.0 is coming up, but first Murray and the kids begin to construct their umbrellas.

AnimationCounting to 10 by 2’s

Muppets: Murray and Jenabelle introduce Super Grover 2.0

MuppetsSuper Grover 2.0 helps a mouse to get its cheese in a rodent restaurant.

Sesame Street 4260

MuppetsMurray teases Elmo’s World, but first, they test their umbrella’s and Murray gets wet.

FilmA girl attends her yoga class.

MuppetsMurray and the kids introduce Elmo’s World

Elmo’s World: Pets

Sesame Street 4260

MuppetsMurray announces the sponsors. And Sesame Street Episode 4260 ends.

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