Sesame Street Episode 4236 Dirtballs

Sesame Street Episode 4236
Season 41
Usher visits Sesame Street.

Leela starts the episode by playing hide-and-seek with the kids who have been helping her throughout the day. Meanwhile, Alan waits for Chris to arrive and help clean Hooper's Store. In the garden, Luis and the kids are working together to create a beautiful garden. However, Oscar is displeased with the cleanliness of the street and decides to start a new company called "Dirtballs," which aims to spread dirt all over the street. His two employees, Hiram and Burt, arrive and begin their work.

As Luis and the kids continue working in the garden, they encounter a problem. The Dirtballs crew arrives to give them some dirt, which surprisingly helps Luis and the kids, as they needed more soil for their plants. Hiram and Burt are amazed at what dirt can do, and Oscar orders them to move on to their next task.

Chris finally arrives at work with his cousin's talkative hamster. Due to Susan's allergy to hamsters and city regulations, the hamster cannot stay in the apartment or the store. Just then, the Dirtballs crew arrives with some dirt, which solves the problem by providing a suitable home for the hamster in a crate of dirt. Once again, Hiram and Burt are enlightened by the usefulness of dirt.

At the laundromat, Baby Bear becomes tired of playing hide-and-seek, while Zoe still wants to continue. The Dirtballs crew comes by and drops off some dirt. To prevent Zoe and Baby Bear from arguing and to stop the dirt from spreading, Leela creates a game using the dirt. In this game, they search through the dirt to find hidden treasures. They find an acorn, Barkley's bone, and even a worm. Hiram and Burt are so impressed with the many uses of dirt that they grab some guitars and sing an ode to dirt. Frustrated, Oscar closes Dirtballs for good. Now jobless, Hiram and Burt decide to pursue musical theater and dance off singing "Give My Regards to Broadway."

In one segment, Usher and Elmo discuss different ways to volunteer. They observe animals helping Luis and Susan, showcasing the importance of volunteering and helping others.

Murray and some kids play "What's on Me That Starts with D?" This activity helps children identify objects and words that start with the letter D, promoting letter recognition and vocabulary development.

An animation segment focuses on the letter D, illustrating words such as dolphin, dive, and deep. This segment reinforces the letter D and associated vocabulary.

In "Abby's Flying Fairy School," the students learn to grow their own plants. Gonnigan uses magic to grow a beanstalk, leading to an adventure in which they encounter a giant and learn about problem-solving, teamwork, and communication.

A film segment features a little girl explaining the concept of energy, the types of food that provide energy, and the energy sources for other animals and cars. This segment teaches children about the importance of energy and how it is used in various contexts.

Murray counts 17 of different things, reinforcing counting skills and number recognition.

In "Super Grover 2.0: Pretty Good Wall," Super Grover helps a chicken get to the other side of the "Pretty Good Wall of China." Through various attempts and problem-solving, the chicken eventually uses a lever to pole vault over the wall. This segment teaches children about perseverance, problem-solving, and the concept of levers.

Oscar introduces the GrouchBO hit series, "True Mud." In this humorous segment, a mysterious man enters a restaurant seeking true mud, leading to a series of misunderstandings with other characters. This segment offers entertainment and wordplay for young viewers.

In "Elmo's World: Open and Close," Elmo explores the concepts of opening and closing various objects. This segment helps children understand and differentiate between the two actions.

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