Sesame Street Episode 4235 Zoe Loves Rocco

Sesame Street Episode 4235
Zoe Loves Rocco
Season 41
LaDainian Tomlinson and Madisyn Shipman visit Sesame Street.

The episode begins with Zoe having fun with her pet rock, Rocco. Alan and Chris join her in singing Rocco's favorite song, "Rocco and Roll." After the song, Zoe needs to fetch Rocco's hat and asks Elmo to watch Rocco while she is gone. Elmo agrees but gets distracted by playing with Baby David. During Elmo's distraction, Rocco goes missing, and when Zoe returns, she is upset to find her beloved pet rock gone.

Elmo doesn't understand why Zoe is so upset and tries to cheer her up by offering another rock as a replacement. Zoe, feeling insulted, leaves in a huff to search for Rocco. Elmo talks to Chris about the situation and learns that Zoe loves Rocco just as much as Elmo loves Baby David, making Rocco more than "just a rock" to Zoe. Realizing his mistake, Elmo sets out to find Rocco and make amends with Zoe.

Using his memory to piece together clues, Elmo recalls that a Frisbee may have knocked Rocco off the table, and Madisyn may have kicked Rocco away. Elmo and Chris find Madisyn, who tells them she left Rocco in the garden. When they arrive at the garden, they discover a large pile of rocks and must identify Rocco among them. Elmo uses his memory to describe Rocco's appearance, and they eventually find the correct rock.

Elmo returns Rocco to Zoe and apologizes for not understanding the importance of Rocco to her. With their friendship restored, Chris suggests celebrating by singing Rocco's favorite song again. Initially, Elmo laughs at the idea of a rock having a favorite song but remembers the lesson he learned and happily joins in the singing. Alan also joins them in their reprise of "Rocco and Roll."

LaDainian Tomlinson and Elmo explain the concept of a celebration, helping children understand the meaning and importance of celebrating various events.

Murray and some New York citizens play "Bring Out Your R," where they show R words. This activity promotes letter recognition and vocabulary development.

A montage of kids running is shown, emphasizing the importance of physical activity and exercise.

In "Abby's Flying Fairy School," the class plays with Niblet, the class pet. Gonnigan is afraid to hold Niblet, who then steals Blogg's wand and runs into a crayon drawing on the wall. The students use their problem-solving skills to enter the drawing, navigate various obstacles, and retrieve Niblet. This segment teaches children about teamwork, overcoming fears, and creative thinking.

A film segment called "Dance with me!" encourages children to engage in physical activity and enjoy dancing.

Murray finds things that are in groups of 19, promoting counting skills and number recognition.

In "Super Grover 2.0," Grover helps a group of birds move a piano. Through various attempts and problem-solving, they eventually use a pulley system to lift the piano. This segment teaches children about perseverance, problem-solving, and the concept of pulleys.

In "Elmo's World," Elmo explores the topic of pets, helping children understand the responsibilities and joys of having a pet.

Bert sings "I Gotta Be Clean," emphasizing the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness.

A segment featuring a man describing situations and kids reacting with how they would feel teaches children about empathy and understanding different emotions.