Sesame Street Episode 4237 Grouchy Mother's Day

Sesame Street Episode 4237
Grouchy Mother's Day
Season 41
Rachel Griffiths visits Sesame Street.

In Episode 4237 of Sesame Street, the street scenes revolve around a special celebration called Grouchy Mother's Day, featuring Oscar the Grouch, his mother, and his sister Bunny.

The episode begins with a Grouch delivery man from P-UPS delivering a bouquet of stinky fish to Oscar. Oscar explains to Gordon that today is Grouchy Mother's Day, and his mother will be visiting to celebrate. Soon after, Oscar's mother and sister, Bunny, arrive by plane, with Bunny's unexpected visit annoying Oscar. Bob passes by and wishes them a Grouchy Mother's Day, thanks to his "Cultural Diversity Calendar."

Oscar presents his mother with six stinky fish as a gift, but Bunny tries to outdo him by giving her a dozen fish, counting each one as she takes them out of her bag. They argue over whose fish are better, while their mother simply states that both stink. Oscar then gives his mother her favorite perfume, "Eau de Skunk #9," but Bunny once again one-ups him by using a real skunk. The siblings continue to argue over who gave the worst gift, while their mother thinks both are terrible. Mrs. Grouch is ready for more gifts, but Oscar has something else planned—a trip to the dump! Bunny admits she didn't plan anything, which angers her mother. Bunny gloats as they head to the dump, with Oscar determined to prove he's still a Grouch.

As they prepare to leave, Chris and some kids pass by and wish Mrs. Grouch a Grouchy Mother's Day. Bunny and Mrs. Grouch urge Oscar to start The Sloppy Jalopy, fearing more niceties. Rosita appears and wishes them a Grouchy Mother's Day in Spanish, giving them hugs that infuriate them. Oscar manages to start the car, but Mrs. Grouch is disappointed that a Grouch could fix a car. Bunny boasts that Oscar is losing his Grouchiness, prompting Mrs. Grouch to decide to return to Grouchland with Bunny, fearing both her children will lose their Grouchiness. Oscar vows to prove he's not losing his touch.

In a final attempt to prove his Grouchiness, Oscar enlists Gordon, Bob, and Chris to dress in rotten attire and adopt grouchy attitudes. They sing an a capella song to Mrs. Grouch about Grouchy Mother's Day. She becomes furious at the sweetness of the gift, declaring that Oscar has ruined Grouchy Mother's Day, which means it was a great success! Mrs. Grouch admits that both her children ruined her day, stating that not every mother is lucky enough to have two rotten kids. As their plane arrives, they are launched up to it through Oscar's trash can. Oscar considers thanking his neighbors for their help but remembers he's a Grouch and doesn't thank anyone.

In one segment, Rachel Griffiths showcases things in a dozen, including eggs, a tray of bagels, and singing penguins. This segment helps children understand the concept of a dozen and introduces them to counting in groups.

Murray and some kids participate in a lively rap about Y words, promoting letter recognition and vocabulary development. A related film shows a woman making a Y shape in yoga, further emphasizing the letter Y.

In "Abby's Flying Fairy School," Abby, Blogg, and Gonnigan learn about recycling bottles. They encounter Gene the Genie, who refuses to return to his bottle. The characters work together to solve the problem by magically recycling Gene's bottle with other ones to create a larger, more comfortable space for him. This segment teaches children about recycling, problem-solving, and cooperation.

Elmo sings "Elmo's Ridin'" while riding his tricycle through the park. Kids join him on their scooters, and a squirrel tries to catch up with them. This fun and engaging song encourages children to be active and enjoy outdoor activities.

Murray counts 12 kids and a dozen eggs, reinforcing counting skills and the concept of a dozen.

In "Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures," Bert and Ernie find themselves stranded on a Hawaiian island. They use various strategies to attract attention and get rescued, eventually riding a dolphin back to the mainland. This segment teaches children about problem-solving, resourcefulness, and friendship.

Murray plays "Sounds of the Street," where he and the viewers listen to the sounds of a dog, a helicopter, and a tiger with allergies. This activity helps children develop their listening skills and identify different sounds.

Grover talks about the heart and heartbeats using a stethoscope. He tries to use it on a chicken, who starts running to make her heartbeat faster. Grover gives it a try and crashes into the chicken, teaching children about the importance of the heart and how it functions.

In "Elmo's World: Fish," Elmo explores the world of fish, introducing children to various fish species and their habitats.


  1. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter Y and by the number 12.