Sesame Street Episode 4232 Veggies Revolt

Sesame Street Episode 4232
Veggies Revolt
Season 41
Ellen Pompeo visits Sesame Street

In Episode 4232 of Sesame Street, the street scenes focus on the importance of eating vegetables and treating them fairly. The episode starts with Chris serving Telly a tuna sandwich without lettuce. Suddenly, a group of protesting vegetables appears, led by Anderson Cucumber from the Vegetable News Network (VNN). They claim that vegetables are mistreated on Sesame Street and use Telly's sandwich as an example. Telly explains that he is also having a salad, which appeases the vegetables for the moment.

The scene shifts to Hooper's Store, where Zoe finishes her lunch but leaves her broccoli untouched. The protesting vegetables become enraged, especially the ring-leading broccoli. Chris encourages Zoe to try the broccoli by teaching her "The Veggie Dance." The dance makes her hungry, and she finally tries the broccoli, discovering she loves it. The vegetables rejoice.

However, the celebration is short-lived as Cookie Monster becomes the next offender, eating all the cookies in the store but ignoring his vegetables. Chris reminds Cookie Monster about the "sometimes food" lesson, but he continues to eat cookies. The vegetables threaten to leave Sesame Street forever. Chris manages to persuade Cookie Monster to eat the vegetables by having him pretend they are cookies. The plan works, and the vegetables cheer.

The episode continues with a report of mistreated peas in the garden. The group discovers that Natasha, a baby, refuses to eat the peas Gina tries to feed her. Gina explains that Natasha has never had vegetables before and can't understand the vegetables when they try to talk to her. Chris leads everyone in a song called "We Love You Vegetables." After the song, Natasha happily eats her peas, and the vegetables decide to stay on Sesame Street.

In a "Muppets / Celebrity" segment, Ellen Pompeo and Elmo discuss ways to stay healthy. They share tips and tricks to maintain a healthy lifestyle for children.

An animated song about apples is featured in the episode, teaching children about the fruit and its benefits. The catchy tune and visuals make the segment enjoyable for young viewers.

Murray Monster appears in a "Muppets" segment, practicing flapping his "wings" in anticipation of Abby's Flying Fairy School. He then plays a game called "What's on Me That Starts with T," asking kids to identify objects that start with the letter T.

In an "Animation" segment, a group of white letter T's sing "I'm the Letter T" to the tune of "Hey There Delilah." This creative and entertaining segment helps children learn about the letter T and its sound.

In the "Muppets / Animation" segment, Abby's Flying Fairy School features a story about an enchanted apple from Snow White. During snack time, Blogg takes a bite and falls into an enchanted sleep. Abby and Gonnigan work together to find a way to wake him up, eventually discovering they need a prince to do so. This segment teaches problem-solving and teamwork.

In another "Muppets" segment, Murray Monster counts 16 of various things, helping children practice their counting skills.

In the "Super Grover 2.0" segment, Grover helps a lady cow who is stuck at the top of a flight of stairs. After several failed attempts, Grover finds a solution by creating a ramp for the cow to walk down. This segment demonstrates the importance of observation and creative problem-solving.

In a musical "Muppets" segment, Abby Cadabby sings "For Broccoli Hurray-Hurrah," celebrating the benefits of eating broccoli.

Finally, in the "Elmo's World" segment, Elmo explores the topic of teeth, teaching children about dental hygiene and the importance of taking care of their teeth.

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