Sesame Street Episode 4231 Twins Day on Sesame Street

Sesame Street Episode 4231
Twins Day on Sesame Street
Season 41
Sherri Shepherd visits Sesame Street

In Episode 4231 of Sesame Street, the street scenes focus on the Twins Day celebration at Hooper's Store. The Count counts party supplies while Abby and Zoe ask Chris about the decorations. Chris explains the day and introduces them to his twin sister, Christy. Abby and Zoe notice the bond between Chris and Christy and their in-jokes, and they decide to pretend to be twins so they can join the party.

Outside the store, Abby and Zoe try to do things the same way to be twins. They attempt standing on their heads, doing pirouettes, and standing on one leg, but they can't achieve any of them. Abby wonders if there's another way they can be twins and they head back into the store.

Inside the store, the party has begun, and the place is filled with twins, mostly animals. The Count counts all the twin pairs. Zoe and Abby learn that there are two types of twins – regular twins like Aria and Mika, and fraternal twins like Chris and Christy. While they go to get cake, Abby gets an idea to be identical twins and brings Zoe outside.

Back outside, they wonder if wearing their favorite outfits will make them identical, but they each have a different opinion on fashion. Abby uses magic to turn Zoe into her image, but they still aren't the exact same. Abby then changes herself into Zoe's twin. However, they are not the same because Abby doesn't have a pet rock like Zoe. Abby changes herself back, and Chris finds them sad. He learns about their experience and takes them inside for a lesson.

At the party, the twin cows win the "Dance Freeze" game. Chris brings Zoe and Abby inside, and they learn that twins aren't all the same; they have different interests. Chris and Christy lead the other pairs in a twin song, singing about their various preferences. Zoe and Abby learn that they both like jumping and become the Jumping Twins! Everyone starts jumping at the party. Telly walks in confused and is told, "It's a twin thing."

In the "What's the Word on the Street?" segment, Sherri Shepherd and Abby demonstrate the meaning of the word "identical."

Murray announces that Abby's Flying Fairy School is coming up soon, but first, he and the kids rap about S words. This leads to Cookie Monster singing about the S sound in the word "sandwich."

In "Abby's Flying Fairy School," Mrs. Sparklenose takes the students on a field trip to Colonial Trolliamsberg. Blogg, who is half-Troll, feels down about the trip. To enter the town, the students must solve a riddle posed by a Troll guard. They eventually realize the answer is the letter T. Inside the town, Blogg tries to hide his wings, but ultimately learns that "differences make the difference" and saves the day by calming an angry Griffin.

Murray counts 2 of various things, followed by an animation segment that teaches counting to 10 by 2s.

In "Murray Has a Little Lamb," Ovejita leads Murray to a baseball school, where kids practice playing baseball. With practice, Murray eventually hits a home run.

An animated segment called "Follow Me" features Traction Jackson and Margarita playing the game with TJ's grandfather.

Murray and the viewer play "Sounds of the Street," listening to various city sounds, including a bird, a car horn, and a tap-dancing octopus.

In the "Question of the Day" segment, creatures learn to treat people who are different with respect. This aniBOOM finalist animation teaches an important lesson about accepting diversity.

Finally, in "Elmo's World: Families," Elmo explores the concept of families and their different forms.

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