Sesame Street Episode 4230 Saved By Superfoods

Sesame Street Episode 4230
Saved By Superfoods
Season 41
Adam Sandler visits Sesame Street

The episode begins with Elmo observing an odd object on his plate. Super Grover arrives to help identify it but mistakenly believes it's a rock or a French poodle. The Super Foods then appear, singing their theme song. They inform Elmo that the object is a kiwi and use their powers to slice it up. The cheese encourages Elmo to try the fruit, and after some hesitation, Elmo tastes it and enjoys it. Super Grover then leaves to find someone else in need of his help.

In the next scene, Rosita struggles to open her bag of "Crunchy Twists." Super Grover tries to help by hitting the bag, but this causes the contents to spill onto the sidewalk. The Super Foods arrive once again, and the whole-wheat bread teaches Rosita about healthier snack options. They sing about the "rainbow" of foods she could try. Frustrated, Grover looks for someone else to help.

Later, a rooster has difficulty lifting his heavy suitcase to get to the airport. Grover offers to help but finds he can't lift the suitcase either. The Super Foods appear once more, and despite Grover's protests, they help him regain his strength by reminding him of the importance of breakfast. After eating, Grover successfully lifts the suitcase and sings a song in praise of his new super friends.

In the "What's the Word on the Street?" segment, the word "Crunchy" is introduced, focusing on the texture of certain foods.

Adam Sandler and Cookie Monster collaborate to explain the word "crunchy." However, Cookie Monster's loud, crunchy cookie munching makes it difficult for Sandler to explain the concept effectively.

Murray plays a game called "What's on Me That Starts With G?" with some kids. They point out that Murray is wearing gloves, a geranium, and green clothing.

Mr. Johnson tries to read in the park when Grover, the game-show host, appears to involve him in "The Letter G Game." Mr. Johnson must find something that starts with the letter G. Although reluctant to play, Grover recognizes him as a "gentleman" and presents him with various G-word prizes.

In "Abby's Flying Fairy School," the students grow their own plants. Gonnigan has trouble growing his plant, so his friends encourage him to use magic. He casts a "Gigantic Spell," causing the plant to transform into a massive beanstalk that stretches to the sky. The students must then retrieve Peck, who is hanging on the beanstalk.

Murray counts five of various items, helping children practice counting and number recognition.

In "Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures," the duo, along with Bernice, become secret agents on a mission to capture the notorious Dr. Bird Whistle. Dr. Bird Whistle uses bird calls to capture rare birds for his collection, and Bert and Ernie must stop him from capturing the native Guatemalan bird, the quetzal.

Murray demonstrates the concept of "near and far," helping children understand spatial relationships.

In "Healthy Storybook Moments," the story of Hansel and Gretel takes an unexpected turn when the characters prefer to eat breadcrumbs rather than the witch's house.

An animated segment features a chef initiating a "roll call," showcasing the creativity of the aniBOOM finalist William Levin.

Finally, in "Elmo's World: Food," Elmo explores various types of food and how they affect people's lives.

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  1. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter G and by the number 5.