Sesame Street Episode 4229 Puddle Jumping

Sesame Street Episode 4229
Puddle Jumping
Season 41
Jennifer Garner visits Sesame Street

The episode starts with Elmo and Gordon noticing rainclouds in the sky. Elmo loves rain because it means he can jump in puddles, so he quickly puts on his rain gear and galoshes. However, Gordon points out that the rain has just started, and there are no puddles yet. As Gordon heads inside for shelter, Elmo goes off to find something to do while waiting for puddles to form.

Elmo encounters Baby Bear, who is getting ready to take a bath, as wild animals do when it rains. Baby Bear and Elmo sing a version of "Singing in the Shower" together. Still, there are no puddles yet, so Elmo leaves Baby Bear to his bath.

Elmo checks on Stinky the Plant, who is getting his proper dosage of water from the rain. This causes Stinky to grow a flower. Elmo tastes some rain, but he's not growing as fast as Stinky.

In the yard, Elmo searches for more puddles but finds none. He runs into Cookie Monster, who is swallowing raindrops. Elmo thinks Cookie Monster is eating the rain to grow like Stinky, but Cookie Monster explains he's imagining the raindrops are cookies. To help him visualize, Cookie Monster sings "It's Raining Cookies." After the song, they part ways.

Gordon checks up on Elmo outside, where there are still no puddles. Although Elmo is having fun outside, Gordon doesn't understand what Elmo could possibly do in the rain.

Elmo visits Oscar the Grouch, who is collecting rain in his bucket to save for a sunny day. Elmo does the same with a cup, bothering Oscar until he leaves.

Elmo stops by Big Bird's nest area, where he and Rosita are about to go to Hooper's Store. They find they have an issue with the umbrella – Big Bird is too tall to fit under it. Big Bird scrunches down to Rosita's size, but he can't move well like that. Big Bird takes the umbrella, allowing them both to fit under it. Elmo decides to pretend he's in a puddle when he notices his pretend puddle is a real one! Elmo sings "Jumping in Puddles," joined by some kids who jump with him.

Jennifer Garner and Abby Cadabby demonstrate what galoshes are, teaching children about rain gear and its purpose.

In "Abby's Flying Fairy School," the class is preparing for their Dance Recital. Abby, Blogg, Peck, and Niblet are ready to dance, but Gonnigan is hesitant to dance in front of a crowd. Mrs. Sparklenose provides Gonnigan with special "Sugar Plum Fairy Dance Shoes" to help him dance. After a series of mishaps, Gonnigan learns that he only needs his feet to dance, leading to a successful recital.

Murray counts three of various items, promoting counting skills and number recognition.

An animated segment features a farmer and woodworker singing "Three Is My Favorite Number," reinforcing the concept of the number three.

In "Super Grover 2.0," Grover helps an elephant and a sheep balance their boat by adding more sheep and dressing up as a sheep himself. This segment teaches children about problem-solving and the concept of balance.

Dan Zanes and friends perform the song "Jump Up," encouraging children to be active and have fun.

In "Elmo's World: Weather," Elmo explores different weather conditions, helping children understand various types of weather and how they affect the world around them.


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  2. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter Q and by the number 3.

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  3. This episode came out on the day I was still 9 years old.

  4. Jennifer Garner visits Sesame Street