Sesame Street Episode 4227 Fetch The Letter I

Sesame Street Episode 4227
Fetch The Letter I
Season 41
Terrence Howard visits Sesame Street

Telly and Elmo welcome the viewers as they work on their "Letter of the Day" project, creating the letter I. After accidentally knocking over the pieces, they head to Elmo's apartment to find glue. Meanwhile, at Hooper's Store, Rosita discovers Chris playing with Iggy, a dog he's taking care of. Rosita offers to play with Iggy while Chris returns to work, and she throws a stick for Iggy to fetch.

Back in the garden, Telly and Elmo finish assembling their letter I and start thinking of I words while visualizing them. Suddenly, Iggy appears and, mistaking the letter I for a stick, grabs it and runs away. Telly and Elmo chase after him, while Rosita wonders where Iggy has gone and starts searching for him. When Telly and Elmo try to retrieve the letter I, Iggy runs away again.

Telly comes up with a plan to go incognito and get their letter I back by using leaves as a disguise. They spot Iggy dropping the I to scratch a flea, but Elmo's nose begins to itch because of the leaves, causing him to sneeze and blow their cover. Iggy quickly grabs the I and runs off again.

Telly and Elmo decide to try something similar to distract Iggy. Meanwhile, Rosita continues searching for Iggy on the street. Telly and Elmo sneak up on Iggy, armed with a feather, planning to make Iggy sneeze so he'll drop the I. Their plan works, but Telly gets distracted by the I sound in "it," causing him to be hit with the letter I while Iggy escapes once more.

Telly and Elmo come up with another plan to put something in Iggy's mouth instead of the I. An ice cream vendor appears, and they notice the I on his cart. They learn about the two I sounds and get a special doggy ice cream for Iggy. When Iggy comes over and takes the ice cream, he leaves the I on a crate. However, Iggy quickly tosses the ice cream away and runs off with the I again.

Eventually, Iggy finds Rosita, and Telly and Elmo catch up with them. They explain the situation to Chris, who also learns what has been happening. Telly and Elmo forgive Iggy, noticing how cute he is, and they suggest that Iggy must have taken the I because his name starts with I. Though Chris says Iggy is just a dog, they all join in singing about how incredible Iggy is. Iggy grabs the I and runs off once more, with Telly and Elmo following behind.

Celebrity Terrence Howard visits Elmo and teaches him the meaning of the word "incognito" by using visual aids from disguised animals. Terrence then disguises himself as a certain red monster, demonstrating the concept.

Traction Jackson and Kayla sing a song about the I words that could have been on a burned-out billboard, showcasing their creativity.

In Abby's Flying Fairy School, the students have fun with puppets, but Blögg struggles to make his puppet work. He tries using magic to turn it into a real boy, but accidentally turns himself into a puppet instead. Mrs. Sparklenose explains that the only way for Blögg to return to normal is by undergoing the "Pinocchio Process." The students embark on a series of adventures to help Blögg complete the process and regain his normal form.

Murray's little lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret school with the clue of a soccer ball. The school turns out to be a soccer academy, where children practice playing soccer. Murray tries his hand at being a goalie and dribbling the ball with his feet.

Ernie and Bert find themselves dealing with a barking dog outside their home. Ernie sings "I Heard My Dog Bark," and a group of animals join him as he sings, leaving Bert to convince himself that he's just dreaming.

In Elmo's World, the focus is on dogs. Elmo explores different aspects of these beloved pets, including their behavior, care, and the special bond they share with their human companions.