Sesame Street Episode 4226 Itsy Bitsy Spider

Sesame Street Episode 4226
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Season 41
Jim Parsons and Ricky Gervais visit Sesame Street

In this street scene, Elmo and Telly are playing a game of "jump the twig" when a gust of wind blows their twig away. They decide to search for it and encounter Baby Bear, who has been trying to build a tower of blocks. Baby Bear's tower keeps falling due to the strong wind, and he becomes increasingly frustrated. Elmo and Telly offer their assistance to help Baby Bear build a more stable tower.

As they continue their search for the twig, they come across a group of insects, including a beetle, an ant, and a grasshopper, who are struggling to have a picnic in the windy weather. The insects complain that the wind is causing their food to blow away, making it difficult for them to enjoy their meal. Elmo, Telly, and Baby Bear decide to help the insects by finding a solution to keep their food in place.

The trio then meets the Itsy Bitsy Spider, who is also having trouble due to the wind. The spider is unable to climb up the water spout because the wind keeps blowing her back down. Elmo, Telly, and Baby Bear come up with an idea to help the spider by finding a way to block the wind.

Throughout the episode, the characters work together to find creative solutions to the various problems caused by the strong wind. They help Baby Bear build a more stable tower of blocks, find a way to secure the insects' food during their picnic, and assist the Itsy Bitsy Spider in climbing the water spout. Their teamwork and problem-solving skills allow them to overcome the challenges presented by the windy day.

The additional performers in this episode include Joey Mazzarino as the beetle and ant, David Rudman as the grasshopper, and Leslie Carrara-Rudolph as the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

In this episode, there are several entertaining segments featuring Muppet characters and celebrities. Jim Parsons is asked to discuss the word "arachnid," but he doesn't know what it means. As he tries to figure it out, a helpful spider chases him, adding humor to the educational content. Murray announces that Abby's Flying Fairy School is coming up, but first, he plays "Bring Out Your N," asking people to show him N words they have on them.

In another celebrity segment, when Elmo has trouble falling asleep, Ricky Gervais arrives to sing a celebrity lullaby about the letter N. However, his song turns out to be too noisy for Elmo to sleep to.

In Abby's Flying Fairy School, it's naptime for the class, and everyone heads to their beds. However, Abby can't fall asleep. Mrs. Sparklenose suggests counting sheep, but Abby struggles to imagine them. She conjures up real sheep in the classroom, waking up Blogg. They count the sheep but need more to fall asleep. Abby creates more sheep, but they still can't sleep and wake up Peck. Abby then makes a football team of sheep appear, waking up Gonnigan, who is chased by the team. They call on Spot, who shows them a subtraction video. They get the idea to subtract the sheep and lead each group out of the room. Once the sheep are cleared, the students fall asleep, and Mrs. Sparklenose extends naptime.

The Count sings a song called "Eight is Great."

In Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures, Ernie and Bert set up camp in the Australian Outback, hoping to get a picture of the duck-billed platypus. While Bert sets up the tent, a mama kangaroo knocks it over and begins going through their stuff. They meet her Joey, who takes a liking to Rubber Duckie. The Joey switches places with Rubber Duckie when they aren't looking. Ernie and Bert notice and go off to find the mother. They get a flat tire in their jeep, so they all hop on a pogo-stick. They collide with the mother, sending Rubber Duckie into the lake. Rubber Duckie is saved by a platypus, who they take a picture with.

Finally, the Emotional Movie Channel (EMC) presents Mad Men. Two sycophants pitch their ad ideas for "Happy Honey Bear Honey" to Mr. Draper, but their ads make them all mad and then sad. Eventually, they find an ad that makes them happy again.


  1. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter N and by the number 8.

  2. This episode came out on the day I was still 9 years old from 10 years ago.

  3. What show Jim parsons on the show 2007-2019?