Sesame Street Episode 4151 - Slimey Competes for the Worm Cup

Sesame Street Episode 4151
Slimey competes for the Worm Cup
Season 38
Ann Curry visits Sesame Street.

COLD OPEN: "What's the Word on the Street?" -- apology

Big Beard is invited by Alan to watch the Worm Cup games. There are two groups at the audience: A group is from France and the other from the USA. The objective of this Cup is to kick a ball into a cup. Slimey is also competing.

The Worm Cup event is hosted by Lotta Chatter. The finalists are Slimey and Squirmadine. Chatte gives some explanations about the game and presents a flashback of the past rounds.

Sesame Street 4151

In the beginning, Big Bird feels uneasy but after Alan reassures him that is ok to root for a player he cheers for Slimey.

Now the game is on! Squirmadine makes the first kick and Slimey has to block it. But Squirmadine takes the first point. As Slimey gets his turn, Squirmadine taunts him and says ‘’Nyah nyah nyah’’ and laughing. Slimey’s coach Oscar the Grouch calls a time out. They watch the tape and Squirmadine takes a warning for his troubling movements.

Sesame Street 4151

Slimey kicks the ball and the ball goes into the cup. Now Slimey has also a point. Slimey blocks also the ball as Squirmadine gets his turn. Slimey’s kick lands one more time in the cup. But suddenly the ball bounces out of the cup. Alan and Big Bird are shouting at the TV.

Slimey is very sad and Squirmadine troubling him again. Slimey is very angry and uses physical assault on him! This doesn’t sound like Slimey at all. But referee kicks Slimey out of the game and so Squirmadine wins the game.

Oscar tells Slimey that no matter how angry he is it is not acceptable to use physical assault. It’s better to use your words to describe your anger. Slimey apologize, Squirmadine did the same and they hug. This is sportswormship.

Alan and Big Bird are going to Oscar’s trash can to see this historic event up close.

Sesame Street 4151

Song: "Assis, Debout" Alain Le Lait, Songs a song  for Teaching 
English version -- (First: Episode 4135)
In the Hulu release, this segment is swapped with the English version.

Celebrity: The special guest star Ann Curry apologizes that she doesn’t know how to explain what an apology ist.

Sesame Street Episode 4151

Animation: Two clay cavemen are playing with their blocks. Suddenly Red gets hurt and is angry with Brown. Red sleeps but it becomes cold and windy. Brown covers him with a blanket and they are friends again. (First: Episode 4071)

The Letter of the Day: K
Cookie Monster teaches Prairie Dawn a new K word, "Kowabunga." (First: Episode 4067)

Sesame Street 4151

Film: Ornate K is flying and singing. (First: Episode 2945)

Animation: This is an animation about the words king and key, both beginning with K. (First: Episode 3084)
Global Grover: Grover is in Paris, and there he learns to shop for his food at a French market. (First: Episode 4085)

Sesame Street 4151

Cartoon: Healthy food song: Broccoli (First: Episode 4100)

Muppets: Elmo, Telly, Zoe and Baby Bear are chasing cheese. They are thinking that exercise is fun and makes healthy and strong. But the cheese says ‘’You can’t catch me!’’ Everyone has fun. Later, the cheese goes after them and this is funny too. (First: Episode 4090)

Sesame Street 4151

Song: "Get On Up (Everybody Move)" (First: Episode 3410)
The Number of the Day: 19
The number of the day is 19 and a Muppet shows that. (First: Episode 3983)

Cartoon: Nineteen pigs! (First: Episode 4007) cut from the Hulu version

Film: At this film, the ornate 19 is flying and some object from collection 19 are found throughout a yard. (First: Episode 3758)

Muppets: Abby Caddaby has 3 new friends. One of these friends clucks, the second one has strings and the third one loves dancing.

Sesame Street 4151

Film: Kids are talking about, how is to make friends. (First: Episode 3927)
Elmo's World: Games (First: Episode 3967)

Insert: The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Chapter 538
Trash can not stop dancing. He is stuck on the Planet Conga Line but then he changes this radio station and everything is ok again. Sesame Street Episode 4151 ends.

Sesame Street 4151

Alterations: 19 bears in 19 chairs. (First: Episode 3980)
This segment replaces the "19 Acrobatic Pigs" segment in the Hulu version.


  1. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter K and by the number 19.

  2. Me:oh greetings it is I Aaron which number will be the number of the day today? Well let's find out *warms up hands and fingers* warm up
    Me:When will we get there?
    Me:not yet?
    Me:hmm we must go even higher
    *#19 appears from Lorenzo's funnel*
    #19:today's number is me
    Me:the number 19 let's hear it yes 19 woah