Sesame Street Episode 4140 - The Tutu Spell

Sesame Street Episode 4140
The Tutu Spell
Season 38

Ellen DeGeneres, Jock Soto and Lourdes Lopez visit Sesame Street.

COLD OPEN"What's the Word on the Street?" : ballet

SCENES: Abby is playing with Zoe in the courtyard. Both love dancing too much. Abby can try Zoe’s tutu and Zoe can try Abby’s wand. Zoe wishes that everyone would wear a tutu and dance ballet.

Sesame Street 4140

Suddenly a penguin and a mail carrier appearing, wearing a tutu. In the Fix-It-Shop Maria and Luis are wearing also tutu. Gina, Horatio, Chris, Big Bird, Oscar, Slimey, A Honker and Dinger, Grover, Mr. Johnson, and Telly Monster are all wearing a tutu.

Sesame Street 4140

Abby and Zoe realized that this inconvenience is because of Zoe’s wish. Abby thinks that maybe her mommy can know a rhyme to undo this spell. After a while, everyone turns back to normal. No one was angry, they all enjoyed dancing with a tutu. As Abby and Zoe are happy that the spell is undone, a pig appears with a tutu. He says they don’t have to worry, the tutu is a present from his aunt Isidore, star of Swine Lake.

Sesame Street 4140

Song: "Dancin' Shoes"

Celebrity: Special guest star, Ellen DeGeneres presents "ballet" as The Word of the Day.

Sesame Street 4140

Animation: Zoe talks about a ballet painting by Edgar Degas

The Letter of the Day is: E
As Prarie Dawn introduces the Letter of the Day, Cookie Monster says that the letter E is a cookie. He tells the words Eat, Egg, and Elephant and receives compliments from Prairie. She says that Cookie Monster makes this excellent. But Cookie thinks about eating, imagines from chocolate chips, sprinkles, raisins, and vanilla ice. Finally, he eats the letter E and Prairie Dawn is frustrated.

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Film: Jaws present the letter E.

Animation: School supplies form the letter E.         

Muppets: Hero Guy - Baby Bear and Hero Guy are demonstrating the dances Bear Family Dance, the Bunny Hop, the Twist, and the Swim.

Song: Hop, Hop and Shake Your Head and Wriggle Like an Octopus.

MuppetsErnie and Elmo are  singing together with the song "Share."

Sesame Street 4140

AnimationCavemen want to sit and he is looking for a suitable place.

CelebrityBallet Dancers Jock Soto and Lourdes Lopez are dancing up and down and Big Bird introduces them.

Sesame Street 4140

Song"You Can Get Right Up": This is a song about getting active to cheer up.

MuppetsThe Number of the Day is 6 and Count von Count presents it.

Sesame Street 4140

CartoonRap #6

SongChildren are playing on the beach and Count sings a song named ‘’Six at Sea’’.

MuppetsGrover conducts a piece of music that his mood changes with every change in his music.

Sesame Street 4140

CartoonThis is a cartoon about a green violinist and Martin P.Robinson narrates it.
Elmo's World: Violins

MuppetsThe Band the Not So Hot Four with Oscar signs off the episode with the sponsors. Grouches and Grouchketeers are playing and clapping along. Sesame Street Episode 4140 ends.

Sesame Street 4140

AlterationsSnuffy teaches the kids to prepare the Spaghetti. This segment replaces the ‘’Hero Guy’’ in the Hulu version.

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  1. Sesame Street has been brought to you today by the letter E and by the number 6