Sesame Street Episode 4152 - Elmo Wants a Pet Dinosaur

Sesame Street Episode 4152
Elmo wants a pet dinosaur
Season 38

Ahmad Rashād visits Sesame Street.

COLD OPEN: "What's the Word on the Street?" -- gigantic

SCENESGabi reads Elmo a book about Dinosaurs. The book called also Dinosaurs. Elmo loves Dinosaurs. But after a while, Gabi has to go to her class.

Elmo imagines that he is with a pet dinosaur and sings a song. At this song, he tells about how many fun things they can do together with the pet dinosaur. He looks for a pet dinosaur but he can’t find any. He asks Gina for help.

Sesame Street 4152

As Gina is speaking with Mr. Penguin that has a fever, Elmo comes and asks where he can find a pet dinosaur. But Gina tells that they don’t exist anymore. They lived a very long time ago. Elmo is upset. He explains Snuffy that he wanted to find a pet dinosaur. As Snuffy is gone, Elmo read his dinosaur book. 

Sesame Street 4152

Suddenly he hears a voice, a brown creature with spikes says he is a dinosaur and he is seeking someone who needs a pet dinosaur. Elmo can not understand what kind of dinosaur it is. The creature says his name is ‘’Shaggy Snufflesaurus’’. Elmo wants to keep it as his pet. They are walking down Sesame Street and singing together. Snufflesaurus says that he likes cabbages and spaghetti.

Sesame Street 4152

Song"Dressed Up" (remake) (First: Episode 3399)

CelebrityThe special guest is Ahmat Rashad, and he loves the word gigantic.

Song"Some Things Are Little, Some Things Are Big" (First: Episode 3537)
The Letter of the Day: Q
Cookie Monster eats a part of the Letter Q and as Prairie saw the letter she thinks that this is the letter O. (First: Episode 3982)

Sesame Street 4152

CartoonA page wants to make way for the Queen Quagmire but it doesn’t work perfectly. Aritst: David Wachtenheim (First: Episode 4073)

FilmQ, for quack. Quiet! (First: Episode 3405)

SongDescribe Your Pet.

MuppetsIn this song, a boy wants to find his lost pet named Homer. The owner of Animal Lost and Found shop, says "Describe Your Pet To Me" (First: Episode 2967)

MuppetsThe Twiddlebugs thought that a caterpillar is a cat. But it doesn’t drink any milk and it has a lot of legs. Tessie looks at a book and discovers that this is a caterpillar. They gave it the name "Cat".

Sesame Street 4152

MuppetsMurray Monster is talking with James about dinosaurs. They pretend to be T-rexes.

AnimationIt’s a rainy and windy day and the clay cavement is sharing an umbrella to protect themselves. (First: Episode 4033)

SongCookie Monster sings the song ‘’What is Friend?’’ (First: Episode 3886)

The Number of the Day: 2
Count counts the sheep by doing his favorite job and when the elephant appears, he says that the number of the day will be announced. (First: Episode 4080)

Sesame Street 4152

Song"2, 2, 2, Me and You." (First: Episode 3690)

AnimationEgyptian #2 (First: Episode 3291)

CastLinda shows a little girl to sign the word friend. (First: Episode 3927)

FilmKenya and Cherie are disagree with the way they do their hair. But they are still friends. (First: Episode 3834)

MuppetsErnie and Bert remembering things over a montage of their old clips. (First: Episode 3656)

Sesame Street 4152

CartoonFluffy remembers the old days. He was once a homeless dog, and when he was taken to the dog pound, he met Petey there. Artist: Artist Mike (First: Episode 2981)

MuppetsAmerican Monster Classics
Cookie Monster tells about a parody called Streetcar Named Desire, where Grover forgot his keys one day in the bowling alley.

Sesame Street 4152

Cartoon"In and Out Crowd" Artist: Sally Cruikshank (First: Episode 2612)

MuppetsElmo's World: Dinosaurs (First: Episode 4082)

Sesame Street 4152

InsertAbby Caddabby tried to remember a rhyme, but this time the sponsors themselves rhyme. Sesame Street Episode 4152 ends.

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