Sesame Street Episode 4137 - The Word Dog Escapes Abby's Book

Sesame Street Episode 4137
The word "Dog" escapes Abby's book
Season 38

Conan O'Brien and Robert De Niro visit Sesame Street.

COLD OPEN: What's the Word on the Street?: Murray Monster introduces the viewers to the word dog.

SCENE 1: Baby Bear welcomes the viewers with Telly Monster. He is looking forwards to reading a book with Abby Cadabby.

Sesame Street 4137

Abby has a magical book: The Wild Adventures of Action Dog and she wants to introduce it. It comes a barking sound of this book and everyone can hear that.

Abby, Baby Bear and Telly are reading the book, but every time they turn a page, some noises and shaking of the cover interrupt them.

Abby’s Mom called her and Abby gives the magical book to Telly and Baby Bear and gone.

Telly and Baby Bear want to continue reading the book but the book is running away. As the book is at the Fix-It-Shop, the word Dog comes out of the book. Telly is frustrated, he wants to put the word back in the book.

Baby Bear wants to help and suggest to dress up as dogs to find the word Dog. But unfortunately, they don’t have success.

After that, Baby Bear suggests dressing up the word Dog. This time they can chase it.

Sesame Street Episode 4137

Film: A girl is playing frisbee with her dog on the beach.

Celebrity: Special guest star Conan O’ Brien dramatizes different varieties of dogs and he introduces them for the viewers.

Sesame Street Episode 4137

Song: "Washin' the Dog"

Muppets: Muppets are singing a soap opera from Carmen.

Cartoon: Wilma Wiggins is going through an opera but she is hiccuping all the time.

Scene 2: The word Dog is passing Big Bird’s nest. Telly and Bear chase it.

Sesame Street Episode 4137

Cartoon: "In My Book"

Muppets: Today is the letter of the Day Letter A. Cookie Monster has to think of words that begin with the Letter A and Prairie Dawn encourages him. But he eats the letter every time.

Sesame Street Episode 4137

Cartoon: Soul A

Muppets: A’s Anatomy: The letter A has an accident and Dr. Grover reassembles it because he is an alphabet specialist.

Sesame Street Episode 4137

Film/Cartoon: This is a film about the brain. This is the busiest part of the body.

Animation: Stephanie D’Abruzzo vocals to the sand creatures. They are illustrating the song "Sing".

Scene 3: Finally Telly and Baby Bear find the word DOG near the mailbox.

Sesame Street Episode 4137

Cartoon: "Letters in the Body" Artist: Fred Garbers

Celebrity: The very special guest star is Robert de Niro. He explains to Elmo what an actor is. He shows him how he acts like a dog, cabbage, and a clone of Elmo.

Sesame Street Episode 4137

Animation: In this animation, Cecille sings "The Game of Make Believe".

Muppets: The Number of the Day 11. The Count leans that the number of the day is 11.

Sesame Street Episode 4137

Song: "Ok, We Got a Hip-Hop Beat"

Cartoon: Rubber Stamp 11

Scene 4: Baby Bear is still trying with Telly to get the word Dog back in the book. Abby comes and they convey this problem to her. She suggests them to turn to page 11. This works. After turning to page 11 the word dog runs back into the book. Chris reads a book to Abby, Telly, and Baby Bear.

Sesame Street Episode 4137

Cartoon: "Beginning, Middle, End" Sally Cruikshank is the artist at this cartoon.

Muppet & Kid Moment: Murray Monster asks Danielle about her pets at this segment.

Film: In this film, Wanda Falbo and Barkley are presenting a word that presents large, shaggy animals who like to chase sticks.

Animation: At this animation, a child draws a picture of a dog. The dog goes over and under.

Song: "Get Up, Get Out"

Cartoon: Two round gnorks are playing square ball and Herbie joins them.

Muppets: Zoe and Herry Monster are singing the song "Moonshine"

Sesame Street Episode 4137

Film: A child performs a poem in sign language. The poem called "Night".

Insert: Oscar the Grouch reads a story of Scram Moon. The Moon is voiced by Gordon and announces the sponsors. Sesame Street Episode 4137 ends.