Sesame Street Being Green

Sesame Street Being Green Video

Frame 1

Abby and Elmo are playing hide and seek. Abby is looking to find Elmo and singing "I’m gonna find you, Elmo’’

It’s Earth a Thon day at Sesame Street. Mr. Earth hosted the first part and he wants that all viewers to help the earth. Abby and Elmo are very interested. Mr. Earth tells them that at this Tv Show people are making pledges with phones and they promise to do good things to save the earth. Telly Monster, Rosita and Cookie Monster have to work as phone operators.

Abby and Elmo asking what is the Earth? Mr. Earth shows them what does Earth means with a video.
Besides the natural beauties of Earth, there is also too much trash everywhere. Elmo finds at the moment a plastic bag. That’s why people have to give promises to keep the Earth clean. Mr. Earth says that we all share the same home.

Being Green

Cartoon: Little Hands (Kids singing a song about the life like a big family at the Earth)

Sesame Street Being Green continues with Audra Rox's song Best Friends.

Frame 2

Abby and Elmo are repeating that we have to keep the earth clean because the earth is our home. It’s time for the first call. Telly hosts the phone call, Oscar is calling. But he doesn’t want to keep the earth clean. He just calls to see if the hosting is working or not.

Mr. Earth explains Abby and Elmo, what does it mean to be green. He talks about recycling. Recycling is a good way to be green. 

Sesame Street Being Green

A boy calls from South Africa and he tells Rosita that he will help the earth with recycling glass bottles. 

Film: We find ourselves in South Africa in the Sesame Street Being Green video. A film about Copano from South Africa. He and his friends are collecting glass bottles and they bring them to a glass factory for recycling. A man breaks the bottles to small peace and washes them. After that, they put the broken glasses in a very hot fire. They are making different shapes with the melted glass, just like elephants or monkeys.

Frame 3

In American Southwest, kids are making paper by recycling old fabrics.

Song: Papermaking Song is a song about making paper from old fabrics.

Being Green

Frame 4

Elmo wants to be more green. Abby tries with her magic but Elmo became green color. Mr. Earth says that you can recycle bottles, papers, pick up trash to be green, but you don’t need to look green. 

Cookie Monster asks the phone callers if they have cookies. But Rosita and Telly explained to him that he is doing wrong.

Mr. Earth says that a good way to keep the earth clean is to use things more than once. Elmo is enjoying to get green. Abby doesn’t know how she could bring Elmo to his color. Will we be able to return Elmo to its former color in Sesame Street Being Green?

Mr. Earth shows the present that one caller can win. This is a tote bag from recycled material. It’s made in South Africa from old plastic bags.

Abby tries to bring Elmo's old color back and she says all magic words but nothing works. She is going home to ask her mother. Elmo doesn’t want to be green anymore. But Mr. Earth says that is not too bad. Green is the color of nature.

Being Green

Oscar calls again. Cookie Monster calls Rosita and tells her she should give cookies to blue monsters to save the earth.

Mr. Earth is tired to wear the earth costume for 23 hours. He says even planting a tree can be helpful, just like they do in Turkey.

Film: With Sesame Street Being Green we're going to Turkey. A little girl, Fatma, lives in the mountains of Turkey with her grandfather. She says that people are planting a tree for every child in Turkey. She plants a tree for her, with her grandfather.

Animation: Elmo explains how can you plant a seed to become a tree after a while

Frame 5

Mr. Earth tries to eat a salad. Elmo says he wants to plant a garden, but he lives in a city. Mr. Earth says, that there are also gardens in cities.

Being Green

Film: In the middle of the city, we have a garden...
Kids are visiting a garden with vegetables and flowers and they are planting seeds and flowers too.

Frame 6

Unfortunately, Abby’s mom wasn’t at home. But that’s ok for Elmo. Elmo likes to be green now. Mr. Earth says that is too hot for him and he talks about global warming.

Cookie Monster is very hungry. He has to eat something and we see Cookie Monster eating a phone at Sesame Street Being Green. Hey man it's not a cookie.

Being Green

Film: A film about picking up trash from a beach in Brazil.

Frame 7

Telly calls Oscar and tells that by using his trash more than one time Oscar helps to keep the earth clean.

Being Green

Mr. Earth talks about the importance to save water and to keep it clean.

Animation: Clean water is very important for all living things.

Song: The Save Game. A song about saving water and light

Frame 8

Abby knows now how to turn Elmo red. But Elmo says he will keep the earth clean and he will stay green. Abby, Elmo, and Mr. Earth are singing the song ‘’Earth Rocks’’ Sesame Street Being Green ends.

Being Green


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