Sesame Street Monster Manners

Sesame Street Monster Manners

Street Story: Gotcha!

          Johnny Gotcha is in Sesame Street. In his show “Gotcha!” he tries to catch people with bad manners by placing hidden cameras. And when he finally catches someone, he jumps out and screams “Gotcha!” So now he placed hidden cameras everywhere in Sesame Street to catch people with bad manners. But he turns out to be wrong about everyone he tries to catch on camera. He claims that they use bad manners, but they don’t. and at the end, Oscar even says “thank you” and “please”. Turns out he has good manners too.

Tom Bergeron Sesame Street

The Two-Headed Monster learn to take turns

          In Sesame Street Monster Manners, Two-Head learn how to take turns and they really enjoy doing that.

Monster Manners


          This is a short episode again. Cobie and Grover explain what the word “courteous” means and also show a few examples.

Cobie Smulders Sesame Street

Belly Breathe

          In this episode, Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn show you how to calm down when you’re very angry by using the “Belly Breathe” in a musical way.

cookie monster and Prairie Dawn

Street Story: Don’t Get Pushy

          This episode of "Sesame Street Monster Manners" takes place at school. Telly, Rosita and Baby Bear play that they are in school. Telly is the teacher and Rosita and Baby Bear are the students. Everything went good until Rosita pushed over Baby Bear because she was too excited to write something on the board. So Telly calls the safety chickens, who teach them about safety. But when Rosita pushes Baby Bear over again, Gordon then comes by and tells them how to calm down when they are too excited. Now Rosita can calm herself down when she’s too excited.

Monster Manners


          Henry Cavill and Elmo talk about respect” and they show an example with the 3 little Piggies and the Big bad wolf.

Henry Cavill Sesame Street

Street Story: Get Lost, Mr Chips

          Sesame Street Monster Manners continues with a story. In this episode, the Cookie Connoisseurs Club is visiting Hoopers for a cookie Taste test. But Cookie Monster is also there so Alan is afraid, that Cookie Monster can’t control himself and is going to eat all of the cookies. And when Cookie Monster hears that there is a Cookie club where they taste cookies, he wants to be a part of it so he tries his best to control himself. At first, it’s not very easy for him but then, he manages to be a member of the club.

Monster Manners

“Me Want It (But Me Wait)”

          This episode is a parody of “I Love it (I don’t care) from Icona Pop which is sung by Cookie Monster.

me want it cookie monster


          Zac Efron is the guest of this episode of "Sesame Street Monster Manners." Elmo and Zac Efron talk about “patience”. Elmo wants to play basketball with Zac Efron but he has to wait for a little. So he has to show patience.

Zac Efron Sesame Street

Street Story: Elmo feels mistreated by Rocco

          In this episode, Zoe has got a new pet rock called: Rocco. Gabby and Elmo wanted to play together, when Gabby came along and wanted to play with them, too. But she’s also got a friend called Rocco, who is a rock. So they play but Rocco always gets what he wants and Elmo thinks that that’s not really fair. So at some point, Elmo gets annoyed of Rocco because he was fair to him all day long but Rocco hasn’t been fair to him once. So Gabby tells Zoe that Rocco is not alive and that she has to stop treating him like a creature. And in the end, everyone is happy again.

Monster Manners


          In this episode, Mark Ruffalo and Murry talk about Empathy.

Mark Ruffalo Sesame Street

Monster Manners

          In these short clips throughout the DVD, Prairie dawn and Cookie Monster learn about saying “please” and “thank you”, to use good table manners and when you’re playing you should be a good sport. Sesame Street Monster Manners ends.

Monster Manners


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