Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Sesame Street 50th Anniversary Celebration

In this episode of Sesame Street, everyone is celebrating the 50 year anniversary of Sesame Street. It’s a special day in Sesame Street because everyone is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the show.

50th Anniversary Celebration

Joe visits Sesame Street again and is so happy to see everyone again. Every cast member of Sesame Street is here today, too! Sesame Street is full of people celebrating but Elmo and his friends notice, that something is missing, it’s the Sesame Street sign! How are people supposed to find Sesame Street when the sign is missing? So they decide to go find the sign before anyone notices that it’s missing.

Sesame Street 50th Anniversary Celebration

Then, Nile and Grover sing a song about the people in your neighbourhood with Grover being a grocer and Ernie being a doctor.

Sesame Street's Anniversary Celebration

Meanwhile in Hooper’s, everyone is having a good time, including Joe and Elmo & co. Joe says he always felt like he was a part of sesame street, followed by a flashback of old sesame street episodes with Joe in them. 

Then, Elmo and co. tell Telly that the Sesame Street sign is missing but Telly proceeds to shout out that the sign is missing so some people can hear it, but they tell them that everything is fine and that nothing is missing. 

Then Kermit and Joe meet each other and Kermit hears a melody and proceeds to walk towards it. Elvis Costello is singing about being green and how upsetting but also good it can be sometimes and Kermit joins him from time to time.

Sesame Street 50th

Then Joe proceeds to sing different songs from Sesame Street with characters like Elmo, Cookie Monster or Big Bird followed by Meghan Trainor and the gang singing a song about how everyone is different and special.

In the meanwhile, Grover and Rosita are searching for the street sign but they still can’t find it. They even ask lefty for help, but he doesn’t have the street sign either.

So Ernie and Hoots are singing a song about Ernie who should put down his rubber duck to play the Saxophone properly.

50th Anniversary Celebration

So Elmo and co. still haven’t found the street sign and Joe, who was just about to put a picture under the sign, now knows that it’s gone too. But he tells them that Sesame Street is not just a sign, it’s the place that they all live in and it is something special. So they proceed by singing a song of how special sesame street and the people in it is. But then it turns out, that Snuffy and Big Bird had the sign all along because they were decorating it for the celebrations!

Sesame Street 50 Anniversary Celebration

Sesame Street 50 Anniversary

After that, they show us some old clips of Sesame Street and ask some people what their favourite episode of Sesame Street is. 50th Anniversary Celebration ends.

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