Sesame Street A Magical Halloween Adventure

Sesame Street A Magical Halloween Adventure

It’s Halloween and Elmo, Telly and Zoe are very excited. They are thinking about what to do in Halloween. Elmo says "How about the Halloween costumes?" Telly imagines himself as a clown, Zoe as a princess and Elmo as Grouch.  Zoe imagines her very tall as a basketball player, Telly as a triangle... They sing the song ‘What Can I Be?’

Finally, Elmo is a cowboy, Zoe princess and Telly a piece of cheese.

A Magical Halloween Adventure

Some kids are in a Halloween house. They had fun with their costumes.

Again on Sesame Street A Magical Halloween Adventure, Mumford the Magician says to Zoe, Telly and Elmo ‘Welcome to magical Halloween party’. All his magician friends are going to this magical party, in a magical place. Elmo wants to go too. Mumford says, that they don’t need to be magicians to go to this party.

Sesame Street A Magical Halloween Adventure

Magic Tricks and Treats Party is hosted by Gilda the Great (Caroline Rhea) and Murray the Mediocre (Joseph Mazzarino). All guest are dancing and making magical moves. Mumford calls and tells that he is bringing some friends together.

Sesame Street Halloween Adventure

Mumford has zapped them into a pumpkin patch. Telly says, she has never been in a pumpkin patch before. Elmo neither. There are pumpkin surprising monsters and talking pumpkins there. He talks about the things that you can do with pumpkins. Sesame Street A Magical Halloween Adventure continues.

Sesame Street Halloween

Gilda and Murray are freaking out about the monsters and Gilda closed the door and the window with her magic to protect themselves. At this time, Elmo, Zoe, Telly and Mumford are trying to go to the party with a hayride. They have really fun. As they see a scarecrow, the horse explains why people are using scarecrows.

Big Bird is on a farm and asking about the foods that are growing here. He likes sunflowers. And he eats with the farmer family.

Magical Halloween Adventure

The 4 friends are coming to an apple garden. The horse explains what can you do with apple.

Gilda and Murray are hearing horrible voices and they are scared. They are singing a song about that. Finally on the video of Sesame Street A Magical Halloween Adventure, our friends arrived at the party but there is no one at the party house. As Gilda and Murray coming scared from the surprise monsters in the closet, they can’t believe that Elmo, Zoe and Telly were the monsters. They decided that monsters don’t have to be scary and they like monsters. They are all singing together. Party can get started.

Sesame Street Adventure

Journey to Ernie: Big Bird is with bear and his pop corns. Ernie comes. They want to see, how something grows. Just like pumpkins and flowers. Sesame Street A Magical Halloween Adventure video ends.