Elmo and Cookie Monster Supersized Fun

Elmo and Cookie Monster Supersized Fun

Elmo the grouch

          In this episode, Elmo discovers a new feeling. Elmo feels a bit down and grumpy and he’s afraid that he’s going to turn into a grouch. So Oscar wants to find out if he’s a grouch or not with the grouch test. But at the end of the day, Elmo finds out, that, not every day, people feel happy and also that feelings can come and feelings can go.

Elmo and Cookie Monster Supersized Fun

Hooper’s lockdown

          In this episode of "Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie Monster Supersized Fun", it’s all about different shapes. Elmo and Abby have baked a cake with cookies on top of it for Alan for his birthday. But they got to keep the cake safe from Cookie Monster so he doesn’t eat it. Grover hears that and wants to keep the cake safe by installing a safety gate outside of Hoopers. But while the gate is closing, Elmo, Abbey and Chris get locked out of Hoopers. So they have to open the door again but to do that, they have to choose one of the shapes on the gate and press it to open it. After they’ve done that, the cake is safe and the cookie monster didn’t eat it and Alan got his surprise.

Sesame Street Hooper’s lockdown

Elmo and the Monarch Butterfly

          In this episode of "Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie Monster Supersized Fun," Elmo wants to befriend a butterfly. Telly got a new book about fascinating facts about insects and Elmo got a magnifying glass so they go look for bugs together. They find 2 ants, 2 ladybugs but only 1 butterfly. They get sad because the butterfly is all alone and hasn’t got any friends. Elmo thinks, that if he pretends to be a butterfly, then maybe the butterfly will be his friend and it will not be lonely anymore. So they eventually get the butterfly to be Elmo’s friend but then, he has to migrate and Elmo hasn’t got a butterfly friend anymore. But he will never forget the butterfly and the butterfly will never forget him.

Sesame Street Elmo and the Monarch Butterfly

Mucko Polo

          In this episode, it’s all about different senses. Mucko Polo is in Sesame Street to find grouchiness. He is an Explorer who finds grouchiness everywhere. So Elmo, Oscar, Abbey and Mucko search for grouchiness in Hooper’s, in Chris’s flower store and in the laundry. By using their senses like seeing, smelling, hearing and feeling, they find grouchiness almost everywhere they go and even Oscar finds something grouchy using his senses.

Sesame Street Mucko Polo

Elmo the Musical: Prince Elmo the Musical

         "Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie Monster Supersized Fun" continues with Elmo the Musical. Elmo takes the viewer to a musical adventure in a kingdom. The town of Tottentot gets terrorised by a dragon with terrible breath. So Prince Elmo and his royal guards have to save the town. They have to go over a burping hill of beans, under frogs, through a hiccupping hoop and to the town of Tottentot, where they fight the dragon and save the villagers.

Elmo the Musical Prince Elmo the Musical

Sesame Ocean

          Elmo and Cookie Monsters Supersized Fun continues with Sesame Ocean. In this episode, the Sesame Street turns into a Sesame Ocean. Elmo has got a new pet fish, named Dorothy and he wishes that Dorothy could move around the whole Sesame Street. So Abbey turns the Sesame Street into the Sesame Ocean. But Dorothy disappears and Elmo and Abbey have to find her. They meet a cookie shark and Oscar the Crab and finally, they find Dorothy.

Sesame Street Sesame Ocean


          In this episode, Elmo wants to grow taller. When Elmo realizes that he’s not growing very fast and that he’s even shorter than Abbey, he tries everything to grow taller. Abbey then puts a magic spell on Elmo which makes him grow huge. So Chris, Telly and Baby Bear try to show Elmo on what he’s missing out when he’s that huge and Elmo realizes that growing takes time and is a part of life.

Sesame Street Elmozilla

Crumby Pictures: Cookies of the Caribbean

          In this episode, Snack Sparrow (Cookie Monster) and his assistant try to get Davy Jones’s cookie jar. To get there, they have to solve puzzles and get into the cave where the cookie jar is in. Will they be able to solve the puzzles in "Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie Monster Supersized Fun"?

Crumby Pictures Cookies of the Caribbean

Move it day

          In this episode, everybody in Sesame Street is moving and doing exercising. Everyone in Sesame Street has a special move or dance that Elmo and Abbey can do too. Even Cookie Monster tries to exercise!

Sesame Street Move it day

Crumby Pictures: The Spy Who Loved Cookies

          In this episode of Crumby Pictures, Double Stuffed Seven (Cookie Monster) tries to save the Crown cookies from getting destroyed.  After pulling levers and flipping switches, he can save the Crown cookies. Elmo and Cookie Monsters Supersized Fun makes us happy with all the fun.

Crumby Pictures The Spy Who Loved Cookies

Me am what Me am

          When the Cookie Monster got caught eating carrots by the Television, everyone in Sesame Street believes that he is now the Veggie Monster. But Cookie wants to prove that he is not the Veggie Monster because that’s not what he really is. In "Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie Monster Supersized Fun," the question of whether Cookie Monster is a vegetarian answers.

Sesame Street Me am what Me am

Crumby Pictures: The Biscotti Kid

          In this episode of Crumby Pictures, the Cookie Monster learns the ancient art of Biscotti Karate by listening with his whole body to become the Biscotti Kid.

Crumby Pictures The Biscotti Kid

Still Life with cookies

          In this episode, Cookie Monster learns how to draw Paintings of Cookies, of himself and even of the way he feels. He also learns that painting is just wonderful to look at.

Sesame Street Still Life with cookies

Crumby Pictures: Les Mousserables

          In this episode of Crumby Pictures, Jean Bonbon (Cookie Monster) doesn’t want to share his cookies to the people in town, but then he realizes that sharing his cookies would make everyone in town happy. So he does it and everyone is happy again. Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie Monster Supersized Fun video ends. It's a fun video that can be watched over and over again.

Crumby Pictures Les Mousserables


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